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Have you seen the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? If you have then I assume you are aware of who Ketut is, but for those of you who missed the movie (is that even possible?) he is the medicine man in Bali that reads Julia Roberts fortune, helping her transform her life after a painful divorce. I loved his character- he had such an infectious laugh and smile. I had always assumed that Ketut was an actor but discovered shortly before we left on our honeymoon that he was indeed a real medicine man in Bali. Thrilling news for a gal like me. I’m a sucker for fortune tellers & psychics….I also take people’s astrological signs pretty seriously. I know, I know, I’m such a product of growing up in LA. But I really do believe in the magic of it all. With that said I knew I would find a way to visit with Ketut while we were in Ubud. IT WAS A MUST.

Cut to our last morning in Ubud…next stop the tiny island of Nusa Lembongan off the coast of coast of Bali. The ferry that was taking us from Bali to Nusa wasn’t until 2pm so had many hours to squeeze in a few things we still wanted to see before leaving Ubud…first up a visit to Ketut and then lunch at the famous sucking-pig restaurant (Clearly, the latter was Brian’s choice).

After saying goodbye to the lovely staff (that I had somehow grown very attached to in three short days) and the gorgeous Rivermoon Villa (mark my words…I am going back to that place again) we packed Nyomen’s car up and headed to Ketut’s home. My excitement level was at an all time high. I was going to meet Ketut!


Through my lengthy Ketut research I learned that he worked on a first come first serve basis so I made sure that we got there a 1/2 an hour after his doors opened. Sadly, this still left me in 8th place. The only highlight to being in 8th place is the fact that eight is my lucky number…obviously I took this as a very special omen.

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Brian on the other hand was not impressed with the number 8 considering that Ketut spent 1/2 an hour with every person. Yes, let’s do the math….we were going to have to wait 4 hours. HA. The loving wife part of me offered to forgo my reading with Ketut but the crazy fortune-teller obsessed part of me was pretty sure it was a pretty weak offer. Thankfully my sweet husband agreed to wait. I mean, I can’t go all the way to Bali and NOT meet Ketut. Plus Ketut is very very very old (I think over 100?) and I was rather certain that this was my one shot at hanging with him.

So we waited…..

doesn't Brian look thrilled?

doesn’t Brian look thrilled?

After four glorious hours baking in the sun, number 8 was called!

I’ve been going back and forth on what to report about my time with Ketut. Truthfully, I was expecting a tad more from the whole experience. Although, I suppose nothing lives up to ones expectations when they were as high as mine were. I was expecting some groundbreaking, life changing, epic shit to occur during our 30 minutes together. Instead he told me I was going to have three kids, warned me not to screw up my marriage with Brian (thanks for the vote of confidence, Ketut. Ha) and that I was a highly creative soul. Yes, there was a bit more than those three bullet points but you get the point. I will say that being in his presence might have been worth the four-hour wait. His energy is infectious! His whole face lights up when he laughs….and he laughs a lot! I pretty much spent 1/2 hour giggling with him. He really is a light.

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After my visit with Ketut it was time to repay Brian for the five hours of his life that he wasted for me and stop for some suckling pig! Nyomen dropped us off at the famous Ibu Oka restaurant in Ubud for lunch.

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Bali is notorious for its Babi Guling, a Balinese style whole roasted suckling pig! The entire pig is stuffed with a combination of typical spices used in Indonesian cooking including turmeric, coriander seeds, lemon grass and more. Babi Guling is unique to the island and very rare in other parts of Indonesia as the country is a predominately Muslim (consumption of pork is prohibited), whereas the majority of the population in Bali is Hindu.The dish is another of Anthony Bourdain’s favorites when in Ubud and I can see why. While I am not a huge fan of pig in general the mix of flavors was delicious.


Next up…our crazy journey to the tiny island of Nusa Lembongan…


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24 Aug

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“a portrait of my child, once a week, every week″

Sunday afternoon Frankie…


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inspiration, gratitude & surprises

22 Aug

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Hello weekend! I’ve been waiting for you since Monday. I’m only kidding…well kinda. The truth is I see so little of Brian during the week with his crazy work schedule that I cherish the weekends with him. Although, we have been implementing a Wednesday date night to try to change that. Our weekend is going to be pretty mellow. Tonight we are going to see a movie- maybe Lucy? Has anyone seen it? Tomorrow morning I will most likely go to a yoga class- I haven’t gone to a class all week.! I’ve been naughty. Tomorrow afternoon we are meeting an old friend and her fiance for happy hour drinks. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with her. Sunday we have absolutely nothing on the books- my favorite! I’m thinking maybe another yoga class then I might tackle a new recipe. I have been pinning vegetarian recipes on pinterest like a mad woman. I think it might be time to actually make one. What do you guys have planned for the weekend??

what inspired me this week?

the project 30 q&a’s on the blog this week- both Amber and Jadis are such interesting and inspiring women. I’m lucky they said yes to participating!

the connectivity of project 30. When I first started the project all the women answering the questions were people I personally knew. But in the last few months it has grown to include fabulous women I’ve never even met. This week one was even from the UK! Each one of these ladies has truly inspired me.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it”- Eckhart Tolle

“If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails…just leave it.” – Reyna Biddy

how to avoid the comparison game 

what am I grateful for this week?

 CityDog Club- I stumbled upon this amazing dog day care near us and it is a total game changer. They even have webcams set up so you can watch your dog play! When Frank got home from his day there he went straight to bed. I can’t even remember the last time Brian and I sat through dinner without Frank obnoxiously rubbing his beloved tennis ball on our feet.

my relationship with my “little sister” Briana. I plan on sharing more about her/us next week. I think the Big Brother Big Sister program is pretty amazing. I’m so grateful I followed through with it because she has been an incredible addition to my world.

what surprised me this week?

how much I enjoy eating vegetarian. I thought I would be bored but I’m not at all! The love I now have for vegetarian burritos knows no limits.


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project 30 – jadis

21 Aug

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Jadis, 31

What would your 30 something self tell your 20 something self if you could?

In the end you’re really only competing with yourself and frankly you shouldn’t be competing with yourself at all because life is hard enough in the first place. Work at LOVING yourself and learning to forgive yourself. Self-awareness is the real root of personal power.

Also, wear bikinis now because you won’t be wearing them later.

What do you wish you took more seriously in your 20’s?

My health and fitness. After bouts with illness that doctors, nutritionists and Chinese medical practitioners couldn’t explain or sort out I eventually found a solution in naturopathy. I now take my health very seriously by focusing on fitness and nutrition. You are nothing without your health.

What do you wish you took less seriously in your 20’s?

Myself! I wish I had a fraction of time back that I spent stressing about how I would be perceived by other people in terms of my career, appearance and the things I owned. None of it matters anyway so I should have had more fun and enjoyed the journey rather than setting ridiculous markers of success that in the end no one but me cared about.

Favorite memory from your 20’s?

I have so many great memories with friends and family, but the stand out one was actually a moment on my own. It was the journey from the airport to the hostel I was staying at in London having just reduced my entire life down to one suitcase, hopped on a plane and hoped for the best. The parks seemed so green, the trains so efficient and even the graffiti seemed artfully done. It was a moment seen through eyes that were only capable of perceiving possibility.

The next months and years would prove waaaay more challenging than I anticipated but in that moment, when I was stripped of all the external accouterments and labels, I felt optimism instead of insecurity. I felt closer to my real self and knew that something big was going to happen.   That journey marked the start of things I couldn’t event imagine.

In your early 20’s where did you think you would be (work, live etc) by 30?

I never focused on a particular role or even a specific place but I had a sense of who I would be. I knew I would an authority in something marketing or advertising related and fostering a team of creative people to develop their own talents.

 And where were you by 30? What did your life look like?

I was a Director at a start-up company I helped build that worked with Celebrity talent and managed to get a global first on Facebook that broke new ground in marketing and live entertainment. After the award wins I started speaking at industry conferences globally and at Universities to share my knowledge. I believe passionately in the need to share knowledge.

I was living with my long-term partner Simon in our flat in London and about to become a British citizen. Though I didn’t know it at the time, by 31 I would set up my own business and take my career to a whole new level.

Getting on that plane was the riskiest but the best decision I could have ever made.

Were you ever worried that it wouldn’t all fall into place?

Even if I didn’t know the direction I was headed I’ve always had unwavering self-belief. In a way it’s pretty naïve to just think things will work out, but I’ve had some pretty big obstacles in my life that have always made me look inwardly for strength to overcome them.

Though I had no hand in choosing it, I also take solace in my name, Jadis, which is an old French word that roughly translates to ‘Once Upon A Time’ because it was used to start a story. The day you’re born is the start of your story and though it unfolds around you, you always remain the central figure writing your own direction.

What is the greatest gift about being a woman in your 30’s?

Confidence. I’ve always been pretty confident but now I’ve got experience under my belt and more money in the bank which means when it comes to making decisions, I’m in a position of power to ask whether something will enhance me financially, professionally, spiritually or personally. If it’s not ticking the boxes I’m not doing it. Period.

When you look out onto the horizon. What do you hope your life looks like at 40?

In the short-term I’m entering a pretty exciting phase of life planning not one, but two weddings with Simon in 2015. I’m looking forward to hopefully having children and continuing to develop my career. I’m looking forward to deepening relationships with people who have already stood the test of time. I’m also looking forward to giving more knowledge and making more time to the charities that matter to me.

I know this decade will have it’s own unique challenges but every decade does and I’m ready for it.

What’s a quote/ saying you try to live your life by?

I can’t define myself by one but here are a couple that highlight some of the guiding principles in my life:

“God can dream a bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself. Success comes when you surrender to that dream—and let it lead you to the next best place.”-Oprah

“Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”

“Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principals”- Walter Cronkite

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” Socrates

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20 Aug



Frankers taking an afternoon siesta on the couch…


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project 30 – amber

19 Aug


Amber, 35

What would your 30 something self tell your 20 something self if you could?

Live life open-hearted and don’t try to fit into a mold. Work hard, trust your instincts and judgment and dedicate way more time to your dreams and way less time to finding temporary joy or romance. The biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career and otherwise were trying too hard to be something I’m not or trying to go down a path that wasn’t true to myself. Once I realized that I can create the life that I want, I actually did it and I was actually way happier.

What do you wish you took more seriously in your 20’s?

I was more serious about one career path rather than trying out many. I interned for everyone and wanted to try everything, which was great in some ways, but detrimental in others. I see people in their 20s now who are at the top of their game because they jumped right in and made themselves an expert even though they weren’t. I wanted to learn and work my way up the hard way. I did learn a lot, but I also wasted a lot of time. I think if I just trusted my gut, I would have moved faster.

What do you wish you took less seriously in your 20’s?

The search for true love. I now believe that love finds you when YOU’RE ready. If you are half a person, you won’t ever be complete until you find your other half. Your other half isn’t another person, it’s within yourself. Once you’re whole, you can give what you have to another.

Favorite memory from your 20’s?

There are so many great moments with my best girlfriends when I was living in Florida and New York City. We were so silly, carefree, emotional, supportive, compassionate & unsure of ourselves. It was a magical rollercoaster.

In your early 20’s where did you think you would be (work, live etc) by 30?

I wanted to be in a big city and in a fast paced high-profile position in fashion or art.

And where were you by 30? What did your life look like?

By 30 I had fulfilled that wish. I was working in fashion at big magazines with big stars. It was exciting, but I realized that the fast paced fashion life was not fulfilling for me. I realized I felt more fulfilled by working on my whole life, not just my career. I actually achieved that by slowing down.

Were you ever worried that it wouldn’t all fall into place?

I think that’s always a fear, but I trust the universe to lead me to the right thing at the right time.

What is the greatest gift about being a woman in your 30’s?

Finally feeling confident in my own skin! I think in your 20s you are working out who you are and by 30 you finally get it. It was nice when I finally saw myself clearly.

When you look out onto the horizon. What do you hope your life looks like at 40?

Being a mother who can share this experience and these memories with kids. I also look forward to my next career iterations, since by then I will be an expert!

What’s a quote/ saying you try to live your life by?

Surround everything with love.

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