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22 Feb





our attempts at a family selfie


If the book has to do with birthing a child or raising it…I probably own it. The pile of books next to my bed keeps growing. So many points of view on everything! So many details! I might just give up on reading them all and wing it.

looking forward to:

A trip to Sedona (one of my favorite places) this Friday for Brian’s birthday. I’m a little bummed I won’t be able to do as much hiking as I normally do (my OB has put a stop to overly strenuous physical activity) when we go but I’m sure I will find other ways to decompress. Maybe I’ll drink lots of wine instead….kiddddding. Most likely I will just do a lot of reading and if the weather permits I may take this baby bump for a swim in the pool.

I’m also looking forward to a few days in San Francisco in early March. Brian has to go for work so I decided to tag along. He will most likely be working non-stop so I plan to wander the city alone (well, I guess I’m never really alone right now am I?). I actually enjoy this…I can be such a loner sometimes. Any recommendations on places I should visit or eat?

Showering this baby boy! My mom and step mom are throwing a shower for baby boy on April 3rd and my mother in law and aunt are throwing another one for him on April 17th. Something about a baby shower makes it all feel very real…and his arrival  soon.

thinking about: 

birthing a small human. Brian and I toured the hospital a few weeks ago and let’s just say it made the fact that this babe has to make an exit at some point a harsh reality. I’ve been so focused on all the other stuff…baby names, baby room, baby shower, baby clothes….etc that I haven’t really thought about the birth in great detail. Well, the tour changed that. It was all going so well until I happened to notice the huge spotlights above the labor and delivery bed. There’s going to be a stage production happening at my vagina people! I started to break out in cold sweats when I saw those puppies. I keep reminding myself that people have babies every day. I am not special. I too will survive this. I think.


The downtime I have been able to enjoy before the baby arrives. I haven’t not worked since I was seventeen! Although baby boy and I have done some fit modeling work for maternity lines. Clearly, I believe in child labor at a very early age. But mostly my days are filled with walks, lunches with friends, reading, nesting at home & writing in coffee shops. It’s amazing how fast the day goes when you don’t do anything.


my husband, decaf iced lattes from le pain quotidien, pinteresting ideas for the nursery, feeling my son move in my belly, mangos & my girlfriends.


togetherness, girls, walking dead, life in pieces, grey’s anatomy, how to get away with murder…oh and house hunters international (it speaks to my soul!)


taking it all in

17 Jun


I feel like the next six months are going to be a whirlwind and I want to stay present so I can enjoy all the fabulous things that will be happening. I feel so damn lucky. It’s a bit like living in a dream world at the moment. A dream world that I have worked really hard to create. It wasn’t too long ago that I felt like I was living in hell. Everything felt confusing, overwhelming and I felt alone in it. Seriously, twenty-eight was a really hard year for me. So, I don’t say “I feel like I’m living in a dream world” lightly. I feel tremendously grateful. The next six months are going to be filled with beautiful memories and events. Starting with bringing home our new puppy in twelve days. I know we are probably in for a bunch of sleepless night and frustrating days but I am still so excited. I think raising this little guy is going to be a fun time for us as a couple. An intro to parenting, if you will. Then in early July, I will be celebrating my 31st birthday. Gosh, I really can’t believe it’s already time to blow out birthday candles again. Considering thirty-one isn’t an epic birthday I’ve decided I just want a little afternoon BBQ with a few friends to celebrate. I’d also like to think of it as Frank’s coming out party! Then in August I am heading to Sedona with all bridal party to celebrate my bachelorette. Having all my favorite woman under one roof for a long weekend sounds like pure bliss. I’m sure it will be a rowdy but very funny few days. In September my Mom, Step-Mom and maid of honor, Taline, are hosting a bridal shower for me with all the amazing woman in my life and then in October Brian’s family will be hosting us another shower. Then on November 9th we get hitched! I can’t even imagine what that day is going to feel like. I’m sure something like being bathed in love for twenty-four hours straight. Lastly, in December we depart for our honeymoon- most likely to Bali & Thailand. AMAZINGLY FABULOUS WHIRLWIND SIX MONTHS. I’m so excited for all of it. I keep reminding myself to stop and breath and take it all in. I’m guilty of having a personality that always wants more and is constantly riding myself to work harder but, I’ve decided (with the help of my lovely therapist) that I  want to take a break from that type of behavior and instead soak up this life of mine that is so lovely right now. Soon we will be returning from our honeymoon, it will be January, Brian and I will be married and back to reality but until then…

“We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”  – Bill Watterson

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