29 Nov


{me on a horse}


– When I told Brian to pretend as if he wasn’t there. He was being the MOST annoying back seat driver so I told him to pretend as if he wasn’t there. Unfortunately five minutes later I was lost and asked him “So if you were here, what would you do?”. He remained silent.

– When Brian’s grandpa asked me to take a picture with him at Thanksgiving. I felt oh so special until Brian told me it was to show his grandma he could still get younger woman. So sadly it had nothing to do with me.

– Running into a plant and an old friend. Simultaneously.

– When our friends adorable car obsessed little boy decided to only call me “Volkswagen Jetta” and not Kate. Clearly he thinks my Jetta is pretty impressive. Shhhh. He would say “Hi Volkswagen Jetta!” “What’s wrong Volkswagen Jetta?” “Wanna play cars Volkswagen Jetta?”

-Realizing much too late that I was in the shower with my bra on. I think I have too much on my mind…or too little I guess


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