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11- Palm Springs for my 30th? Yes please.

27 Jun

The word on the street is Brian and I are going to Palm Springs for my birthday weekend. Brian asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do to celebrate the big 3-0 and without hesitation, my answer was…”get out-of-town”. If you can’t tell I am a huge fan of “getting out-of-town”. I vacation well. I also hate birthday parties so I would like to avoid one at all costs. They are simply too much for me to handle- too many expectations to manage (I highly enjoy other people’s parties, so please don’t stop inviting me!) and considering I’m not quite sure how I am going to respond to this whole turning thirty thing just yet, I thought it was best to be away…with my loved one…and cocktails.

When I told Brian my idea, he happily agreed (luckily, he’s a huge fan of getting out-of-town as well) and planned a little weekend trip for us! Yes he’s a keeper. He also decided to keep the location a surprise. A surprise?! But I hate surprises. UGH.

I put on my detective hat and used some deductive reasoning to figure out we were either driving to Santa Barbara, San Diego, Palm Springs or Ojai. It wasn’t hard because there are only so many places you can drive to for a weekend trip from LA. I also know that Brian knows me well enough by now not to take me to Big Bear or Joshua Tree for my birthday. Yes, there would be tears.

Over the last few weeks Sir Brian has done a very good job keeping the location a secret from me. Trust me I can be a little pushy, but he hasn’t cracked under the pressure. He was winning this whole “surprise” thing. That was until we had dinner with his parents Saturday night and his Dad mentioned my 30th birthday and our impeding trip to…PALM SPRINGS! Poor Steve. He felt horrible but in all fairness (seriously, Steve) I had a feeling we were going to Palm Springs. As I said, I also hate surprises- so thanks, Steve. You saved me a lot of grief! Now I can just focus on what bikinis to pack!

I’m a huge fan desert heat, pools, cocktails, vintage shopping and sleep so this is going to be the perfect way to welcome in the thirties. Thanks, Bri-guy!

How do you guys like to celebrate your birthdays?