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greetings from a naughty blogger

17 Aug

So sorry I have been MIA recently. I’ve been in a shit mood the last week. A whole week?! Yes, a whole week. I showed real dedication to my miserable mood. I could list the million and one things that made this week hard but I feel like it would become a bit of a pity party and I hate pity parties. So instead I am just going to say that I am very happy it’s Friday and that frozen yogurt  exists- I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Our big weekend plans involve hitting the beach with friends in town from Australia and having dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant  with a few other couples for the second installment of our monthly restaurant club. I’ve never eaten Ethiopian food! Have you? To say that I am excited would be a understatment. The word on the street is that you use bread in place of a fork! I think that is just about the best idea I have ever heard. I have a feeling Ethiopian food and I are going to get along very well.

I will be back to regular posting on Monday!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!