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1 year

7 Nov









This weekend Brian and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been a year already! I get all sappy thinking about our wedding day. It was perfection- so cliché but it really was the most magical day of my life. Marrying that man was the best decision I have ever made. I’m so grateful to be his wife. Like seriously…SO grateful.

Happy Anniversary, my love! You are the keel to my sail.


“Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.”
James Dobson


my day at the dmv

29 Sep


Brian and I are a little over a month away from celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been a year!? I’m not sure where the time has gone. Considering our 1st anniversary is nearing I thought it was about time I went through the tedious process of changing my last name. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to become Kate Glodney. I’ve unofficially been “Kate Glodney” since the day we got married. I was, instead, overwhelmed by all the paperwork and various government offices I would have to visit to make it official. I mean who elects to go to the DMV, right?

Lucky for lazy people like me, places like Kleinfeld exist and for a fee of fifty dollars they send you a packet in the mail with all the various government paperwork filled out for you. Well, minus sensitive info such as social security numbers. The packet also comes with very detailed step by step instructions on how to do it all. Perfect for people like me.

When I received the package in the mail….I thought…it would be pretty hard for me to F this up!…Glodney here I come!

First up, changing my name with the Social Security office. I didn’t make an appointment and instead went on a whim after a meeting with a client finished early. Let’s just say I’ve had better ideas. The wait time was 3 1/2 hours. To make matters worse my cell phone was dead and I didn’t have a book with me. Lesson learned…planning ahead can be beneficial! I was about to turn around and leave but part of me knew that if I did, there was a very good chance I wasn’t coming back.

So I waited.

Lucky for me the West LA Social Security office brings out some truly interesting people so, I survived the wait time by people watching and making up elaborate stories about their lives. I especially enjoyed the angry Russian woman who stood up every five minutes and announced to the obviously uninterested room that the wait time at this office was INSANE.

After many hours of this, my number was finally called. Once I sat down with an actual person the process was very fast and ten minutes later I was walking out of the Social Security Administration as….Kate Glodney.


The next stop on the name changing tour was The Department Of Motor Vehicles. This time I wised up and made an appointment before going. Equipped with my shiny new Social Security Card, our marriage license & all the finished DMV paperwork (typed rather than written, no less) I confidently walked in and got into the “appointment” line, which was two deep rather than fifty deep like the “no appointment” line. Clearly, I was on my game that day. I even managed to blow my hair out and wear a cute dress (rather than my normal jeans, t-shirt and messy hair in bun look) knowing I would be taking a new license photo that day.

This time I barely had a moment to sit down before my number was called. Winning! I walked up to the window with my handy-dandy name change folder and a big smile spread across my face. Lydia, the rather gruff lady behind the counter, dressed in a bright purple dress and wearing sparkly big earrings, that swung back and forth as she spoke, grabbed my paperwork and began working on entering my information.

To fill the time, I made small talk with the nice gentleman next to me about the heat wave we had been having in Los Angeles, all while listening to Lydia’s long nails clack against the keyboard.

Suddenly, Lydia’s nails came to a halt.

Oh, done already! I thought! Pays to be on top of things!

I turned towards Lydia and watched as her eyes narrowed at the computer screen.

Never a good sign.

I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t put your paper work through at this time.” Lydia announced

And why is that?” I asked

Well, because you have a failure to appear and a warrant out for your arrest in Georgia, ma’am.” Lydia said loudly (and a bit too loudly if you ask me)

I glanced over at the kind gentleman I was speaking to with a moment prior. His gregarious smile had faded and had been replaced with…well, judgement….with maybe a sprinkle of intrigue?

I was about to dramatically yell…”that’s impossible…I’ve never even been to Georgia!!” when suddenly it all came back to me…oh yes…I most certainly have been to Georgia. Three years ago when I was driving across the country with Rachel during my 365 til 30  year and I did in fact get a speeding ticket…in Georgia.

One in which I ignored because well, it was very expensive and I stupidly thought…when am I ever going to be driving in Georgia again???

I guess I never thought about what happens when you don’t pay speeding tickets in other states.


I glanced back at the man next to me and then back to Lydia, deciding it was the perfect time to put my big sunglasses back on.

I leaned into the window and causally asked, “Ok, so Lydia, now what???

“Well, you’re going to have to clear this up with Georgia, Ma’am. Lucky for you this ticket only affects you in Georgia. There is nothing I can do for you here. I can’t even tell you how much you owe at this point. But I’m sorry but there is NO way you are changing your last name to Glodney today.”

Damn you, past!

When I got in the car I decided it was best to text Brian at work with the news rather than come clean about it over dinner. I mean who wants to have the “I have a warrant for my arrest in Georgia” conversation with their husband over a roast chicken, you know?


So, I couldn’t change my name with the DMV today because of my failure to appear for a speeding ticket in Georgia. Kinda funny but NOT. 


Does that mean you have a warrant????


Well yeah, but only in Georgia…I just need to pay the ticket for it all to get cleared. 


How much is the ticket now???


I don’t know. I have to call Georgia. Any interest in a road trip to Georgia?? 


hahahahah. no not anymore. I don’t need you being arrested. 

The text admission went well don’t you think?

Top of my to-do list this week….clear name in Georgia. Le sigh

* this post was clearly not sponsored by Kleinfeld name change *


around these parts…

16 Jan


the above picture has nothing to do with this post- I was just compelled to share the cuteness with you all.

I could not be happier that the weekend is almost here. It’s been a bit of a blah week for me. Not for any specific reason..my head space has just been BLAH. I think I might finally be coming down from the high of the wedding. I didn’t really have a chance to mourn that it was over because we went straight into the excitement of the holidays. It was a joyful few months and I don’t think I was prepared for it all to end. I’m not saying that life can’t be joyful after the wedding…I’m just saying I’m a little sad it’s over.

Despite my blah mood, I was able to make some progress with a few of my goals this week.

I worked on a travel essay about our trip to Nepal, which I plan on submitting as soon as I finish it (hopefully this weekend).

Brian and I finally settled on our honeymoon destinations- Bali and Vietnam here we come. I just LOVE having a trip to look forward to.

I have my very first date with my little sister, Briana set up for this Sunday. I still have no idea what to do with her…must come up with something…soon.

We’ve also made a lot of progress with our home this week- we picked paint colors, met with a furniture builder and found two killer pieces at the rose bowl flea market this last weekend- a fabulous new turkish rug and mirror for the entryway. The mirror is currently white but I plan to paint it coral this weekend!

Other than the thrilling activity of painting the mirror coral this weekend…I plan to do a bit of cooking (paleo cauliflower soup), reading (finding your own north star), writing (travel essay), organizing (the clutter that has developed in our cabinets is crazy…I was almost killed by a falling juicer the other day) and taking a few walks on the beach with my pup and husband.

Hoping that I will have a little more umpf next week!

On another note…did you see the new header on the blog?! I love it. I just die over Frank’s regal pose. Thank you, One Part Gypsy for creating such a fabulous header for me.


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14 Jan

photo-38We finally picked the destinations for our honeymoon…The Glodney’s are coming for you, Bali and Vietnam! We still have to zero in on the exact dates but sometime this spring…most likely a window in late April and early May. The minute we finalized the destinations I ran out to the book store (yes, a few still exist) and purchased travel books. I’ve pretty much read them both in three days and I’m already so excited! Have any of you been to Bali or Vietnam? I would love your recommendations on hotels, restaurants & sights to see.










wedding part 2 : first look

17 Dec

Brian and I decided to see each other before the ceremony. Mostly because we wanted to have beautiful light for our pictures but also because we wanted a moment alone before all the craziness began. It was our special moment…shared with two photographers. These pictures made me remember the butterflies I felt in my stomach when I walked up behind him, the way Brian excitedly kept saying “can I turn around now?!…how about now?!” & how it felt to meet eyes with my soon to be husband for the first time on our wedding day. I cherished these 30 minutes…alright 20 minutes (the schedule! the schedule!) alone with him.











wedding part one : getting ready

16 Dec

We got our wedding photos and we are SO in love with them. Photographer Nick Radford and his  brother Garrett Radford captured so much emotion with their cameras. They tell such a beautiful story of the day and considering the day is a total blur for Brian and I, it was great to relive it through the pictures. I thought it would be fun to share the photos in segments. Today is all about the “getting ready” shots. I loved seeing what Brian was doing that morning and how different our two mornings were! Mine involved room service, champagne & hair/make-up. Brian’s involved sitting on the ground eating sandwiches, beer & tequila shots. The one thing they both had in common is how calm and happy we both look.
























in the banana stand

19 Nov

As most of you already know I really wanted a photo booth at our wedding. It was on my list of “must haves”. Why? Because, I think drunk people need activities. There is only so much drinking and dancing guests can do before they get bored, you know? Having a photo booth sadly wasn’t very important to Brian. Silly boy. That was until our wedding photographer mentioned his brother ran an amazing photo booth with insanely fun props and costumes. The booth could also house a bunch of people rather than 2-3 lonely heads with no bodies. The minute we looked at the website we knew it was for us. Even Brian got excited. Success.

Considering I don’t have all of our fancy wedding photos to share just yet (I swear, how am I expected to wait 4-6 weeks?!) I thought I would share some of the silly ones (there are hundreds! But I’m only sharing a few. Don’t worry) in the meantime. As you will see from the photos below…it was a HIT. Enjoy!






untitled-1013-Suntitled-1135-Suntitled-1264-Suntitled-1269-Suntitled-1380-Suntitled-1404-Suntitled-1673-Suntitled-1857-Suntitled-2076-Suntitled-2107-Suntitled-2141-Suntitled-2267-S that poor poor bear & banana


27 Oct

Sweet baby Jesus. We’re getting married in 13 days. That’s less than two weeks in case you didn’t know. That’s just crazy. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much (well, at all really) the last week or so. I think I’ve been a bit paralyzed by everything. Man I thought turning thirty was overwhelming but a wedding is a whole different animal. There’s been so much to do and finalize these last two weeks that every time I would sit down to write I wasn’t quite sure what to share. My head felt like a jumbled mess. On top of all the stress I’m filled with silly excitement now. Just can’t wait to be married to that man.

This weekend we slowed everything down and spent a lot of one on one time with each other. We spent Saturday morning at Brian’s office using their laser cutter for a wedding project. Well, let’s be honest…Brian was using the laser cuter while I spent hours perusing the internet for a dress to wear to our rehearsal dinner. Who knew that finding a rehearsal dress would be harder than a wedding dress? I have a vision people! Anyways, after four hours of work I still had no dress but the project was done so we decided to take ourselves to The Lazy Ox for lunch before heading home. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and we took advantage of it and had a long, lazy and delicious lunch. It was exactly what we needed. Saturday night we headed to the movies to see “Bad Grandpa” which seriously cracked me up. I haven’t laughed that hard a while. I’m a sucker for that kind of humor.

Oh and we also put the finishing touches on our mini moon this weekend. Brian and I decided to postpone our big honeymoon until spring. One because we were finding it hard to plan both the wedding and a month-long trip to Asia and two because I really want to go to Bali and it’s their rainy season now. And who wants to go to Bali when it’s raining most of the day, you know? So with our big trip postponed until the spring Brian and I decided to plan a little trip after the wedding because it would have been much to depressing to go back to work on Monday. So we are hitting the road the day after the wedding. First stop…Big Sur…which is one of our favorite spots. I love that you rarely get cell service there. I love that you’re surrounded by majestic redwoods. I love the windy road up the coast with the vast ocean views. I love the quiet. Brian found us the perfect little cabin to cozy up in for a night. All I want to do is play cards, drink red wine and cuddle by the fireplace for the whole evening.


Then we are heading up the coast to Tomales Bay in Northern California for a few nights. Neither of us have ever been up there so we are both excited to explore. It’s known for its fresh oysters which makes both Brian and I very excited. I’m quite sure we will spend a lot of time eating oysters and sipping cold beers in the sun while staring at the pacific. We will probably throw in a hike or two as well. Then we are off to San Francisco for a night in the city. Not quite sure what we will do yet but I’m sure we will find something fun to get into to. Lastly, we will be finishing up our mini moon in Berkley because Brian has a work conference to attend. I’m just along for the ride at that point. I’m sure I’ll just get lost on foot around Berkley exploring.

I know these next few weeks are going to fly by and I’m trying to enjoy every single little moment.

So grateful.

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25 Sep

mr & mrs

So, I had my first wedding dress fitting last weekend and well, I wouldn’t say it went great. I had big plans that it would. The game plan was to eat only salads and drink only green juices five days leading up to the fitting. You know, like any normal bride would do. But I’ve learned that I’m not “any normal bride”- instead I did everything one shouldn’t do five days before their first wedding dress fitting. I spent the week eating carbs, drinking wine and eating sweets. The low was actually eating pizza for lunch before my 3:00 pm appointment. I mean, what the eff is wrong with me, right? Am I insane??? I don’t even eat pizza. Actually, I rarely even eat carbs!

I’ve always been the type of person that if you tell me to NOT do something…I’m like…watch me. Clearly, I haven’t changed much.

When I walked into Monique Lhuillier the day of I was still optimistic that my week on the dark side wasn’t going to effect me. I glanced around at the other brides getting fit- it was a sea of six-foot, stick thin ladies. I didn’t remember there being so many of them the last time I was here. It was like a model convention. Clearly, the universe was screwing with me. When my seamstress, Olga called my name I took a big gulp of water and reminded myself that I would probably be just fine. I mean, I work out four days a week and all. But the minute she zipped up my dress, I knew…I knew I was fucked. Sure it zipped, but walking was labored and sitting down was near to impossible. Naughty bride. Naughty bride. Naughty bride.

Olga stood there quietly adjusting my dress.

I said, “So, how many more fittings do we have before the big day?”

She said, “At least three but sometimes up to four.

Ok, good” I said causally “because I want to lose a few pounds in the meantime…it feels a bit snug.”

She pursed her lips, looked at me with concern and said, “I hate telling brides this, but, um….yes, you should lose at least five pounds before your next fitting…in three weeks.

This is exactly what you DON’T want to hear your seamstress say six weeks before your wedding.

When I got in my car I immediately called Brian and dramatically yelled, “Why did you let me eat all that pizza this week!! My dress barely fit!”

Clearly, my situation was his fault.

Can’t they just let the dress out a bit?” He asked lovingly

“What an insane question! NO!”

I was suddenly reminded of the scene in Bride Wars in which Kate Hudson’s character screams…

“You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!!!!!!!”

My life had become a scene from Bride Wars. Sigh.

“I can’t even sit in it!” I yelled

“Well, people always say that you never sit down at your own wedding anyway.” He said

Hysterical, Brian. Hyssssssterical.

So, now what? What’s the game plan? Well, I won’t be eating pizza anymore, that’s for sure. I will also not be enjoying carbs in general, sweets or dairy. Jealous? Oh, and I will also be saying goodbye to my favorite thing…buttery chardonnay. Big sigh. It all seems like a cruel joke considering the stress weddings come with.. One needs buttery chardonnay and pizza.

45 days! YAY!


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16 Sep

life according to my iphone lately…

hey, at least one of us is happy...

hey, at least one of us is happy…

You could say that Frank is a fan of the dog park.

You could say that Frank is a fan of the dog park.

wedding dress hanger :)

wedding dress hanger 

morning cuddles

Sunday morning cuddles

Sunday afternoon cuddles...we like to cuddle

Sunday afternoon cuddles…we like to cuddle

quick weekend trip to celebrate the bride and mama to be!

quick weekend trip to celebrate the bride and mama to be!

the beautiful bride and mama to be

the beautiful bride and mama to be

and so it begins...

and so it begins…

five days until wedding dress fitting = green juice time!

five days until wedding dress fitting = green juice time!

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