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wedding wednesdays – engagement photos

17 Apr


I’ve been wanting to share more about the wedding planning process on the blog, but I was worried you would start to think this was turning into a wedding blog, because it’s not. But at the same time, planning a wedding has become a big part of my life. Taking the next step with Brian is such a special time in our lives…

It’s romantic, comforting, exciting, fun and of course, some days overwhelming and stressful. On those days I have to remind myself that this is a time in our lives to be thoroughly enjoyed and not to be stressed about.

Most days I stay on course, although sometimes the wedding finds its way into my head even when I try to avoid it. This week alone, I’ve had some truly odd dreams about our upcoming nuptials….

There was the dream where I forgot to book a hair and makeup person and ended up throwing my hair in a disappointing messy bun for the big day. It was like the adult version of the dream where you show up to school without pants or something else very important. Then there was the one were Brian and I said “I do” in a miniature living room while all our guests sat at our feet. I could barely pay attention to the officiant because I kept thinking “who the hell planned this!” Then there was the one where I ate a bunch of greasy cheeseburgers and drank copious amounts of wine the night before and couldn’t fit into my wedding dress the next day, causing me to have an epic meltdown in front of my bridesmaids and make up artist (at least I had makeup in this dream!) Then there was the one where our photographer’s camera flew up into the sky like a balloon on the loose and he was unable to take photos the rest of the day. This one actually made me laugh out loud when I woke up. They are all rather ridiculous, actually.

So considering the wedding is here to stay, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to it once a week.

This week…engagement photos!

Recently we shot our engagement photos with the extremely talented Rachel of One Part Gypsy. I’m aware that we got lucky because it’s not often you get to shoot your engagement photos with a photographer who is also a dear friend of yours and who also happens to love you and your fiancée.

It made the whole experience even more meaningful.

Although the morning of the shoot I was a tad concerned that the day wasn’t going to go as planned. It was overcast and grey, I had no idea what to wear and Brian was being sooooooo (and I say with total love) annoying about the fact he had to put on a dress shirt and shoot engagement photos. He’s always thought they were stupid, staged, silly and just a terrible no good idea. But I got him to agree to do it weeks prior because he knew how much they meant to me. This didn’t make him any easier to deal with the morning of though, and after an hour of listening to him tell me again why he hated engagement photos, I dramatically yelled, “I don’t even care! let’s just cancel them then!” to which he immediately responded by putting down his iron (he was in the middle of ironing his dress shirt ironically) and giving me a huge hug and kiss and telling me he would change his tune. Then he helped me pick out an outfit.

I was feeling much better but that didn’t stop me from texting Rachel, “It’s a shame I don’t like my fiancée more today.” HA.

Once we made it to Malibu Canyon everything changed. The sun was shining, there was a warm breeze sweeping through the mountains, I had found a dress to wear and Brian magically got into the whole experience. He was finally drinking the engagement photo kool-aid!

The result- my favorite photos of us ever. I really couldn’t love them more. Even Brian had to agree he was happy we did it. WINNING! Thank you sweet Rachel for making the photos feel so intimate and special and for putting your heart into it. I am so grateful for you. Thank you also to Ashley of My Girls On Film Studios for my fabulous hair and makeup. I loooooved it. Can’t wait to have you make me feel gorgeous on my big day.
















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