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I plead insanity

29 Oct

Apologies for not blogging much the last week, I have been all over the place since getting engaged. I’ve literally lost my mind. Considering I am not much of a girlie girl I have surprised even myself (and everyone around me) with my sudden and obsessive appreciation of all things wedding. It’s only been a week and I’ve created a pinterest board,¬†made my mom talk about the bridesmaids dresses at nauseum, forced Brian talk about wedding venues and I even bought two bridal magazines. GASP. Who is this wedding monster that I have become?? She’s my worst nightmare! Also, for a girl who doesn’t normally care much for jewelry, I’ve learned I LOVE diamonds.

The big question right now is where to get married. The endless options both excite me and overwhelm me. I would love to hear any words of advice, tips or stories from your wedding planning and/or weddings! Please share below!