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19 Jun


Sweet baby Jesus do I feel incredibly overwhelmed with wedding stuff  this week. Things that are giving me anxiety this week-

1- the vows. I had the bright idea we should write our own. It sounded incredibly romantic seven months ago when the wedding was a far away thing, now it just sounds plain scary. My thoughts are as follows…what if Brian writes better ones than I do? What if I forget mine? Why did I think I would be comfortable sharing my deepest feelings in front of a room of 150? Are they supposed to be funny? Are they supposed to be romantic? WTF? The pressure!!!!!

2- walking down the aisle. Why does this cause me anxiety? Well, what if I trip?? What if I get totally overwhelmed with everyone staring at me?? I mean, how terrifying to have a sea of people staring at you as you walk down the aisle to get married!! GASP.

3- my dress. You know how everyone says all brides lose weight before the big day? Well, I’m convinced I’m the one bride who would gain weight before the big day. If it were to happen to anybody I swear it would happen to me. I’m the girl who always runs into somebody they know when they run out to get coffee in their pajamas. I’m also an anxious eater. What if my dress doesn’t fit??? What happens then??? I guess I will have to keep nothing in my house the last month before the wedding other than green juices.

4- photo booth. Soooooo the other day I crunched numbers and came to the horrible conclusion we are over budget on the wedding. Sigh. Weddings are no joke. I’m fascinated how quickly they add up! When I was looking at the list of things we still needed a photo booth was one of them. Should I let this go even though I’m convinced a photo booth is necessary?? Don’t drunk people need an activity?

5- the veil. So last weekend my step-mama and I went to try on veils. I’m kinda thinking I want a veil for the ceremony. When I told Brian this, he laughed. He thought I was joking. When I told him I was being serious, he asked “Do people even wear veils anymore??” So now I’m asking you guys…Do people even wear veils anymore?? He also said if I wore one that covered my face he wouldn’t be able to stop from laughing. Sweet, huh? Even though I had absolutely no plans of covering my face with a veil, I might just do it now to mess with him.

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