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inspirations, gratitude & surprises

8 Feb


I had a lot of big plans this week. I was going to blog every single day (I still have so much to tell you about our Nepal trip!!) I was going to tackle a few writing assignments. I was going to finish unpacking our office. I was going to clear the hallway of empty boxes. I was going to research wedding stuff. You know what I did with all those big plans?? Nothing! I did a whole lot of nothing with all of them. I did plan a girls cocktail party for next Saturday night (should be fun!) and I did buy new counter stools for our kitchen. Sooooo there’s that. I also went to bed most nights at 9:30. 9 friggen 30! Clearly 30 is the new 90 in this house.

This weekend I’m going to try on wedding dresses! Yipeee! Happy Friday!!

What inspired me this week?

THIS short video by a six-year-old

new favorite blog alert- Mary Beth LaRue

A Return To Love

cute post– kiss on top of the empire state building

What am I grateful for this week?

My momma- she’s super fabulous and my best friend.


What surprised me this week?

When a seagull took a huge shit on my head at the beach. SOOO RUDE and TOTALLY SHOCKING


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