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9 Oct

Ways in which to distract yourself while you are starving…

I’m three days into my five days of “fit into your wedding dress” green juice cleanse and I’m surviving! Truth is, day one is the worst and then it gets a bit easier. By day two I was on a high with all the energy. This doesn’t mean I’m not hungry or that I don’t have to hide in the bathroom while Brian eats his dinner every night…it just means I have more energy. I have found many ways to distract myself from the starvation the last three days….

1- researching Frank’s Halloween costume. Considering this is his first Halloween, I’m very excited. The top contenders…

1234Mario Lopez dresses his dog up as a 'Taco' for Halloween! LA6

thoughts? Any favorites?

2- doing wedding seating…which is a truly painful activity. I’ve had more fun at the dentist but it does pass the time when you are starving.

photo-353- watching television with my boys. All our favorite shows are back!

photo-404- organizing our kitchen to make room for all of our new wedding gifts. Seriously, it’s just insane the amount of fabulous gifts that arrive at our door each day. So blessed.

photo-385) monday night movie dates with my momma and brother. We saw “Gravity” and it was INTENSE. Made me totally forget I was starving and also gave me nightmares.



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25 Sep

mr & mrs

So, I had my first wedding dress fitting last weekend and well, I wouldn’t say it went great. I had big plans that it would. The game plan was to eat only salads and drink only green juices five days leading up to the fitting. You know, like any normal bride would do. But I’ve learned that I’m not “any normal bride”- instead I did everything one shouldn’t do five days before their first wedding dress fitting. I spent the week eating carbs, drinking wine and eating sweets. The low was actually eating pizza for lunch before my 3:00 pm appointment. I mean, what the eff is wrong with me, right? Am I insane??? I don’t even eat pizza. Actually, I rarely even eat carbs!

I’ve always been the type of person that if you tell me to NOT do something…I’m like…watch me. Clearly, I haven’t changed much.

When I walked into Monique Lhuillier the day of I was still optimistic that my week on the dark side wasn’t going to effect me. I glanced around at the other brides getting fit- it was a sea of six-foot, stick thin ladies. I didn’t remember there being so many of them the last time I was here. It was like a model convention. Clearly, the universe was screwing with me. When my seamstress, Olga called my name I took a big gulp of water and reminded myself that I would probably be just fine. I mean, I work out four days a week and all. But the minute she zipped up my dress, I knew…I knew I was fucked. Sure it zipped, but walking was labored and sitting down was near to impossible. Naughty bride. Naughty bride. Naughty bride.

Olga stood there quietly adjusting my dress.

I said, “So, how many more fittings do we have before the big day?”

She said, “At least three but sometimes up to four.

Ok, good” I said causally “because I want to lose a few pounds in the meantime…it feels a bit snug.”

She pursed her lips, looked at me with concern and said, “I hate telling brides this, but, um….yes, you should lose at least five pounds before your next fitting…in three weeks.

This is exactly what you DON’T want to hear your seamstress say six weeks before your wedding.

When I got in my car I immediately called Brian and dramatically yelled, “Why did you let me eat all that pizza this week!! My dress barely fit!”

Clearly, my situation was his fault.

Can’t they just let the dress out a bit?” He asked lovingly

“What an insane question! NO!”

I was suddenly reminded of the scene in Bride Wars in which Kate Hudson’s character screams…

“You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!!!!!!!”

My life had become a scene from Bride Wars. Sigh.

“I can’t even sit in it!” I yelled

“Well, people always say that you never sit down at your own wedding anyway.” He said

Hysterical, Brian. Hyssssssterical.

So, now what? What’s the game plan? Well, I won’t be eating pizza anymore, that’s for sure. I will also not be enjoying carbs in general, sweets or dairy. Jealous? Oh, and I will also be saying goodbye to my favorite thing…buttery chardonnay. Big sigh. It all seems like a cruel joke considering the stress weddings come with.. One needs buttery chardonnay and pizza.

45 days! YAY!


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wedding wednesdays

19 Jun


Sweet baby Jesus do I feel incredibly overwhelmed with wedding stuff  this week. Things that are giving me anxiety this week-

1- the vows. I had the bright idea we should write our own. It sounded incredibly romantic seven months ago when the wedding was a far away thing, now it just sounds plain scary. My thoughts are as follows…what if Brian writes better ones than I do? What if I forget mine? Why did I think I would be comfortable sharing my deepest feelings in front of a room of 150? Are they supposed to be funny? Are they supposed to be romantic? WTF? The pressure!!!!!

2- walking down the aisle. Why does this cause me anxiety? Well, what if I trip?? What if I get totally overwhelmed with everyone staring at me?? I mean, how terrifying to have a sea of people staring at you as you walk down the aisle to get married!! GASP.

3- my dress. You know how everyone says all brides lose weight before the big day? Well, I’m convinced I’m the one bride who would gain weight before the big day. If it were to happen to anybody I swear it would happen to me. I’m the girl who always runs into somebody they know when they run out to get coffee in their pajamas. I’m also an anxious eater. What if my dress doesn’t fit??? What happens then??? I guess I will have to keep nothing in my house the last month before the wedding other than green juices.

4- photo booth. Soooooo the other day I crunched numbers and came to the horrible conclusion we are over budget on the wedding. Sigh. Weddings are no joke. I’m fascinated how quickly they add up! When I was looking at the list of things we still needed a photo booth was one of them. Should I let this go even though I’m convinced a photo booth is necessary?? Don’t drunk people need an activity?

5- the veil. So last weekend my step-mama and I went to try on veils. I’m kinda thinking I want a veil for the ceremony. When I told Brian this, he laughed. He thought I was joking. When I told him I was being serious, he asked “Do people even wear veils anymore??” So now I’m asking you guys…Do people even wear veils anymore?? He also said if I wore one that covered my face he wouldn’t be able to stop from laughing. Sweet, huh? Even though I had absolutely no plans of covering my face with a veil, I might just do it now to mess with him.

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things that have been making me happy…

14 Jun

Hello all! Apologies for being MIA this week- it’s been a pretty crappy few days over here. It started with Brian’s beloved grandfather passing away and never got any better. It’s just been a heavy and stressful week. So in hopes to combat my mood I decided I wanted to do a “happy post” today.

Things that have been making me happy lately…

– receiving this new picture of Frank from the breeder. I mean, seriously do pups get any cuter?? I can’t believe how much bigger he has gotten in two weeks and those nails are crazy!

crazy dog

– Brian planned us a little date night tonight and I am SOOOO looking forward to it. We need a night out on the town together to get out of our funks.

– daydreaming about the next five months….getting Frank, my 31st birthday, summer bbq’s, bachelorette weekend in Sedona, wedding shower, WEDDING, honeymoon…let the fun times roll!

– writing for hours at my favorite little coffee shop

– finding the perfect wedding shoes and the ridiculous picture that followed of my mom and I both wearing them. She just HAD to put them on too. Next thing I knew we were doing a photo shoot with the shoe salesman. Then my mom almost fell over- in her defense she’s not much of a heel wearer anymore.


– drinking beers and watching the sunset with Bri on our patio

– celebrating Brian’s grandfathers life and meeting all of his extended family members- they are a good bunch

– My step-mama and I are going to try on my wedding dress tomorrow and look at veils! Still on the fence about the whole veil thing but I will take any excuse to put my dress on.

– planning our camping trip next weekend in Mammoth. I know, me going camping again? What has this world come to??

– taking long showers while the bathroom is bathed in morning light

What are the little things that have been making all of you happy this week? Post below!

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inspiration, gratitude & surprises

22 Feb


Hello weekend! This should be a busy but fun one! This afternoon I am taking myself on an “artist date” to a chinese medicine healer. Does that constitute as an artist date? Maybe not, but I find it all terribly interesting so I feel like it might be, right? I was walking in our new neighborhood the other day and came across the Yo San University and thought…what the heck is that? So I called and learned it is a school that teaches traditional chinese medicine and that they offer a two-hour intake appointment with their interns for a ridiculously low price. So I thought, why not! I mean, I don’t sleep great most nights, I suffer from anxiety and I always feel like my body temperature is off. Too much information? Sorry. I have tried the western route recently for these things and don’t necessarily feel better. I also find natural remedies ( I truly believe what you eat is what you are) and chinese medicine (I’ve done acupuncture before and loved it) very interesting, so I booked an appointment. Expect a post about is soon.

Saturday I am back at it on this whole wedding dress mission. Who knew it would be so damn hard to find a white gown to get married in? Luckily my mama, step-mama, Taline and Rachel will be on hand to give opinions. Then I am going to head to a heart-opening workshop with the lovely Mary Beth LaRue at Studio Surya. Then I am taking Brian out to dinner for his birthday!! My favorite human is turning 31!! Brian, get ready for a fun night out on the town:)

Sunday I am going to Taline’s house for a visit, then I’m heading home to make Brian and my brother, Nik, dinner. I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog called “Sunday night dinners at 425”. My hope is to tackle a new recipe every Sunday as well as have different friends/family over each week. I’m pretty excited about it! Look out for the first post on Monday! Oh and of course we will be watching the Oscars after dinner. I’m a sucker for the Oscars!

Oh, and lastly an update on one of my goals for the year- I signed up for a six-week course in ballet! Can’t wait to get back to the barre.

Have a fabulous weekend!

What inspired me this week?

Brian’s project, Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community was nominated for a big award! Please vote for it!! That boy put so much hard work into it. He inspires me everyday with his vision.

I picked up “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein this week and I looove it.

This post by the talented Katie Devine

I may not be a mama yet but honest writing always inspires me – This post by Reverie

Yoga class last night with my sweet friend Rachel. I really needed it

A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life” – Christopher Germer. I’ve been really hard on myself recently for a bunch of little and big things so this quote really resonated with me.

The journey is all there is, really. The future never comes, because it’s always the present moment.”– Pema Chodron

What am I grateful the week?

My life- that’s a big one, huh? But, I have heard so much sad news this week about illness and death that it has left me really grateful to be alive

That Brian was born 31 years ago and chose me to be his partner in life.

The fact I got one FULL day to write at home this week. So needed

The talented, inspiring, gorgeous and smart ladies in my life

What surprised me this week?

My love affair with thin mints has been reawakened and it has led me to a very dark place

How much my attitude towards life can change from one day to the next. It always reminds me to ride the wave


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Lastly, a little song to start your weekend with…it always makes me want to dance