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Guest post by One Part Gypsy

11 Jul

Today’s guest post is from Rachel of One Part Gypsy– not only is she an incredibly talented photographer and creative director but she also happens to be my dear friend and cohort in crime on the across the country adventure (her pictures from the trip were amazing- you must check them out if you haven’t!). Enjoy her post on Summer goodness!


Summer is as summer was…

June gloom seems to have passed over here, and the bright sunny mornings make me want to play hooky and hang at the beach all. day. long.

I think that’s what I love about summer most: the predictable combo of sand and sun (and perhaps some good company!) always equaling a perfect day.

Hope you all are enjoying summer as much as these guys are!

1       //      2        //      3       //     4        //     5       //      6        //      7       //      8       //     9       //      10      //      11