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14 Feb


Happy Valentines day everyone!! The holiday is feeling pretty sweet over here because it’s our first as husband and wife. We are going to keep it relatively quiet though and make skirt steaks, drink champagne and watch “House Of Cards” on netfilx. Do any of you watch that show? It’s so good and today is the first day season two was released. Pretttty exciting Valentines day over here. How are you guys celebrating? xo Kate


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu



12 Feb


My 18-year-old brother, Nik went to Australia a month ago to visit a childhood friend for a two weeks. It was his first big trip by himself and I was nervous about it (I am sooooo my fathers child). Well, he did more than just survive the trip…he thrived. He loved it there and surprise…surprise…he met a girl (I get it! Those accents!) and a two-week trip got extended into a three-week trip. Ah, young love. When he returned he couldn’t stop thinking about her…they talked every day…and he fell even harder. Ten days ago he came up with a crazy idea…he wanted to fly back and surprise her for Valentines Day. Seriously, my brother is such a romantic.

Problem is…he had no money for the ticket. Kind of a big problem, eh? So he came up with an even crazier idea- start a Go Fund Me page to raise the money for the ticket in seven days. I almost laughed. How would that be possible? Seven days? Well my brother proved the point that when you want something bad enough, anything is possible because he raised 1,200 dollars in six days. Mostly from his friends who donated anywhere from ten to fifty bucks. So sweet, huh?

Last night I dropped Nik off at LAX to embark on his Valentines Day adventure. When we were driving there…I looked over at him and thought…what a great guy. He’s such a loving, alive and adventurous soul. He puts himself out there. He’s brave not only in life but also with his heart and I couldn’t be more proud of the man he is becoming.

Happy Valentines Day, Nikster. Hope your adventure is everything you hoped. Your sister loves you.


love of my life

14 Feb


The other night, as I puttered around the kitchen cleaning up before guests arrived, Brian looked at me and said, with complete sincerity, “I’m so happy you’re going to be my wife”. Then he looked around our new house, still covered in boxes from the move and said “this is our life and I love it.” It took the wind right out of me. It was such an unexpectedly sweet moment and I knew he meant every single word.

Life is really really really good.

In the move I found an old journal from 2009/2010. I flipped through its worn pages, reading a few lines here and there. Most of them were pretty heavy. They were filled with fears about the future, questions about my path in life and work. It was a heavy time in my life. I was going through big transitions. I was in a toxic business partnership. I was nannying to cover the bills because freelance work was so slow. I was depressed. The icing on the cake was I was also single while most of my friends had partners. I felt cheated.

Each page I read made me more and more thankful that I wasn’t filled with so much fear anymore. It’s funny how when life is great you forget how “un-great” it was not too long ago. You almost can’t remember how bad it felt.

It was as if a stranger had written the words that filled those pages.

But then I came to one of the last lines in the book and it read…I think I met the man I am going to marry. I smiled a huge smile that came from deep within- I don’t even remember writing that!!  That was a turning point in my life. Something shifted. I fell in love with the man I am going to marry (I knew it then!), I unloaded the toxic relationships in my life, I decided my happiness was mine to create, I believed at my core that I could have the life I desired and I started this blog.

I believe the universe was always at work to bring Brain and I together. For those of you who don’t know our story- here’s an old post I wrote about it. We actually went to Jr. High together! It took us many many many years to find our way back to each other.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that he’s going to be my husband. He’s better than any husband I could have ever imagined. He’s a fiercely loyal and loving man. He’s generous almost to a fault. He’s an incredibly hardworking and talented urban designer. He’s got creativity coming out of his pores. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I have fun with him no matter what we do. He’s my best friend and my favorite human being.

I really am the luckiest girl in the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Goose.

I love you (more than sushi and white wine!) and I cannot wait to become your wife on November 9th (oh that rhymed!)


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu


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14 Feb


I have had the hardest time writing Brian’s “People That I Love” post. My feelings for him are so deep, my admiration for him is so strong and our relationship is so important to me that I felt I wouldn’t do it justice. But considering it’s Valentine’s day, I thought it would be the perfect day to try.

Brian is my best friend, my lover, my confidante, my partner in crime and my safe place. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have his hand to hold in this life. When I was a little girl I imagined the man I would be with (he was pretty spectacular of course) and Brian surpasses my wildest dreams. He is such a beautiful human being, partner, son, grandson, friend and I know one day he will make a beautiful father. The list of things I admire about him is long. It ranges from the way he treats his mother to how he drives a car. But the thing I admire most about him is his integrity- he is such an honest human being. He truly doesn’t know how to operate another way. He is a perfect balance of calm and steady with passion and fire. I used to think I had to choose one or the other in a partner and now I know I don’t. He inspires me constantly with his creativity. It doesn’t matter if he’s shooting photos or refinishing a frame- he pours his soul into it.

 Our personalities are perfectly matched despite being different in many ways. Unlike me, Brian always puts the cap back on things…balances his check book…makes decisions thoughtfully…actually there isn’t much Brian does without doing it thoughtfully…he’s a planner. I am a tad different. We have a joke that our relationship is like a sail boat. I’m the sailboat in this analogy- I just want to saaaaaiiiill…in every direction and go wherever the wind takes me! Brian is my keel. Many people don’t know that a sail boat needs its keel- the keel is a long, slim plank at the bottom of the hull that provides an underwater balancing force. It keeps the boat from tipping over and without a keel the sail boat would never sail.

He calls me lover. I call him Bri. There isn’t a day that goes by that I question his love for me or mine for him.


“Love doesn’t need reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart.”

Deepak Chopra

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