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14 Oct


Oh 365 til 30 you have brought me SO much joy in 3 short months but you have also made me slightly insane.

I love this project. Pushing myself and learning all these new things is an amazing journey that I am truly thankful for but some days it’s hard. I get a little obsessed with all the goals and I get exhausted. This week I made French flash cards till late at night, learned 3 new dishes (posts coming soon), shopped for Tango gear, tackled my first tango lesson with Vladimir (which I LOVED!!)  all while trying to maintain my normal job and trying to be a human being who has friends and is emotionally available for her boyfriend.

It was clear to both Brian and I this week that I have been pushing myself a bit too hard.

I asked him very dramatically with a tear in my eye

“What if I can’t speak French fluently or tango well in 9 months…then what…huh?”

He said

“Honestly I think the only way you are going to disappoint your readers is if you don’t get Frank”


-What Inspired me this week?-

My first Tango lesson. I LOVED it. I LOVED Vladimir. I am hooked.

My friend Jen who inspires me every time I think of her. She is living in Haiti working for the Clear Water Project. She blows my mind.

Jennifer Pastiloff’s DMC “Daily Manifestation Challenge”. I seriously look forward to them everyday. They really push me to think about where I limit myself.

I’m loving Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Out”

I am also loving my new book “Too Much Happiness” by Alice Munro – it’s a collection of short stories that shed light on the strokes of fate that often determine the shape of our lives.

 -What am I grateful for this week?-

Brian. I am seriously grateful to have him as my partner. Not only is he my lover and best friend but he takes time out of his insane work schedule to photograph me at my first Tango lesson.

-What Surprised me this week?-

How much I LOVE the tango. What a fun experience.

That I got up 4 times this week at 6am to work out…seriously who am I?


“Slow down Kate”

Vladimir trying to teach me to tango