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16 Mar

I had kinda an off day yesterday but I woke up this morning and I decided that today is going to be different. Today is going to be a fabulous day! I have been sitting on the couch since 6am this morning sipping coffee, listening to the light drips of rain and watching the sky light up. There is nothing I enjoy more than quiet mornings.

Today Rachel and I will be working on our road trip…with a yoga class thrown in at some point. A perfect start to a weekend if you ask me- road trips and yoga! It’s supposed to rain all weekend, which means I will most likely hole up and write/work in my house and not feel bad about it. Although I am getting out tomorrow in the  late afternoon for drinks with the Irish side of my family- that includes my 89-year-old grandma.

Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!

2o things that have been making me happy recently…

1. I loved this essay- A Place to Lay My Heart – “And with this man, I saw, I wouldn’t be tied down so much as tied together”

2. spending an afternoon on a date with myself

3. “Fuck your child size Eames rocking chair.” – My favorite line from this tumblr.

4. “Her favorite”

5. Jasmine scented lotion…omg it smells like heaven! Thanks J

6. the notes I received after this post…thanks.

7. this line from one of the letters I received (from a stranger) after the tango post- “Screw the tango, dance with your heart, it’s a better dance. I’m glad I’m following you.”

8. a  session with Maggi…more on that in a later post…

9. a 6:30 am boot camp class with Rachel…it wasn’t the laps we had to run that brought me joy but the laughter that ensued while attempting to do them.

10. Blood, Bones & Butter – I’m looooving you. I don’t want you to end!

11. The look on Brian’s face when he saw the space that will house his photography exhibit next weekend.

12. this ridiculous picture of a French bulldog that I found. I can almost  hear him say-“Move along…there’s nothing to see here. “

13. A love ninja goes global – this blog makes me want to pack up and travel the world…just because

14. a yummy dinner at Terroni

15. researching New Orleans…there’s so much I want to see/do while I’m there!

16. randomly stumbling  upon a ballet class…and watching

17. grilled calamari salads

18. spooning

19. watching the sun rise (while at the ridiculously early boot camp on Wednesday)

20. this quote- “To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong”- Joseph Chilton Pearce

What’s been making you guys happy recently????