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11 Oct

My private Tango lessons with Vladimir begin in 2 days and I have some concerns. They include…

 I will hurt myself.

Brian will break up with me after seeing my dancing skills ( he will be at the lesson documenting)

Vladimir will laugh at my dancing skills and tell me i’m unteachable

I won’t wear the right outfit

Considering the only thing I can control about this situation is my outfit, I am choosing to focus on that. When I called to make my appointment the woman on the other line stressed the importance of my shoes. She told me I needed stay away from sticky tennis shoes, platform shoes and floppy shoes.  She said I should wear shoes with leather, suede or smooth rubber soles because it will make it easier to move on the hardwood floors. She recommended I get special Tango dancing shoes. This gave me pause. I never thought the day would come where I would need to buy special dancing shoes. Who am I? I googled Tango shoes and came up with these… I could make these work. I guess I have some shopping to do.