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6 Feb

I am pretty sure the pain I felt yesterday was equal to the pain Brian felt when he was forced to watch the Golden Globes. For those of you who didn’t read that post…it’s a must. Brian was in rare form that evening. At the time I found him terribly annoying and now it makes me laugh out loud.

Well, everything came full circle yesterday when I was forced to watch the Super Bowl. I fought it all the way. I simply did not want to go to a bar on a Sunday afternoon to watch the super bowl with Brian and his friends because one, I truly don’t care about football two, I hate bars in the afternoon and three, because I truly don’t care about football. But I knew Brian wanted me to join and I didn’t want to be a total party pooper, so I agreed to go. Cut to the day of the festivities and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less. I spent all morning thinking of ways to get out of it. A few excuses…I don’t feel well…I have writing to do…maybe he would have more fun without me…I want to straighten up the house…I want to do laundry…none of them stuck. In the end I went and I survived it but It was still a painful 5 hours that I will never get back in life.

The highlight of my afternoon (other than watching his friend shed a tear because he was so happy the Giants won) was the below commercial. When it came on the screen I screamed, “Frank’s famous!!!” Brian was less enthused than I. Even better was the slew of messages I received after the commercial aired from people asking if I had seen Frank in the Sketcher commercial. To answer your question..yes I did…and I think he outdid himself. He shined.