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4 Nov

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but I am thrilled it’s the weekend. Tonight Brian and I are having dinner with our friends Rachel and PJ. I think Rachel and I are going to attempt to make a stir fry for dinner but this has yet to be confirmed. No matter what we decide to cook I will be posting pictures and a recipe of course! Let’s see what else do I want to update you guys on. Oh! I have my last French class tomorrow. Sadly, I don’t speak French yet. Although I can order an omelette in French.  Progress right? I think I will need to find another class. I still have 246 days dammit! Actually, maybe I should take private lessons? I may need one on one attention on this matter. I had no idea learning French was going to be one of the hardest goals to tackle. You know what I wish? I wish I could go live in France for a month. I bet I would learn French then! Wouldn’t that be lovely…365 til 30 from Paris. Oui! Oui!



27 Aug

Dear Paris,

You alone have inspired me to speak French. So, congrats to you. I happen to think you are the most romantic, sexy, beautiful, intoxicating, inspiring, stimulating, charming, elegant and creative city I have ever experienced. I am in love with you and I plan on getting lost in your streets again very soon. Although, this time I will be armed with the French language.

Love, Kate