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9 Apr

photos from the weekend…

This weekend was lovely- a lovely, exhausting, fulfilling and food-induced coma kinda weekend. Saturday Brian and I spent the day running around crossing things off my road trip to do list. By the time we got home from our errands it was time to turn around again to get to Seder dinner.

My first Seder dinner for the record and here’s a little story from it…

As we were getting ready to leave, Brian said to me, “Oh honey I forgot to tell you but we may have to read something at the dinner.”  “What do you mean?? Read something at dinner?”, I asked with fear. Side note- I hate reading in public!? HATE! It makes me feel panicked and extremely hot…noticeably hot. Sadly, if I am ever panicked everyone around me knows because I turn into a little beet.

So I told him that I would not be reading at dinner, no matter what. He assured me it might not even come up. I tried to forget about it but from that moment on I felt like I was walking toward my death. It didn’t help that when we walked in I saw a massive amount of people- 31 to be exact. I was expecting 10. Now the pressure was on. I spent cocktail hour trying to fish for clues to find out if this whole “reading” thing was really happening.

After a half an hour of cocktails we were asked to take a number from a bowl and sit down at our tables. It was then I knew. It was happening. We were reading. I tentatively took a number from the bowl- #17, and sat down. Poor Brian could see the fear in my face and kindly switched numbers with me so I would have less to read. I was now the proud owner of #24.

I spent the time it took (felt like two hours) for 23 people to read their passages from “Introduction to the Seder”, practicing my tiny paragraph. How lame is that?

I missed the whole damn story practicing how to say Pharaoh.

There has to be a lesson in there somewhere, right?

It ended up being a beautiful evening filled with good food, laughter, gratitude and joy. The whole weekend was filled with all these things actually and it has left me very grateful for my lovely, fulfilling and exhausting life.