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Day 4, Part 1: Santa Fe, Canyon Road & Ten Thousand Waves

19 Apr


Day 4, Part 1

 Sleep, turquoise, canyon road, zen spa & a fish named Herb

 We let ourselves sleep till 8:30 on day 4! Aren’t we crazy?! After 3 days of no sleep, both Rachel and I were committed to getting some solid Z’s. A meltdown was near for both of us due to exhaustion and we knew we were approaching dangerous territory. I can only speak for myself but I am a monster when I am tired. A MONSTER.

So in an attempt to find balance we decided to pamper ourselves a bit on our last morning in Santa Fe and sleep until 8:30, order room service and have breakfast in bed. It was heavenly.

 After packing up our bags and equipment, we decided to head out and explore the Santa Fe streets a bit more. We shopped for turquoise (actually we haggled) and then drove to Canyon Road,  to explore the streets, galleries and shops. Oh, the fun we had playing on tire swings and with statues. We also stumbled upon an amazing little import store on Canyon Road where I found a little bowl with blue chevron stripes on it from India and it became my treasure to bring home from Santa Fe.

 After our walk on Canyon Road we took our relaxation morning to a whole new level and decided to pay a visit to Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese style spa in Santa Fe.  The minute I walked in, I knew I was in for quite a treat. Every little detail was perfection…the tea, the kimonos, the service, the fountains, the little buddhas and my personal favorite was a little plastic orange fish for $3.50. I  snatched him up immediately to bring with us.

After 2 hours of soaking, saunas and silence we packed it up to leave.

I’m pretty sure we would have stayed all afternoon if we could have but we had to head to our next destination, the Puye Cliff Dwellings in Española, New Mexico.

I felt a little sad about leaving Santa Fe. Everyone is so damn nice there and there is something so very poetic about the energy of that place.

Dear Santa Fe,

You’ve got me.

photos taken with my iphone that morning…

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Day 3, Part 2: Santa Fe, The Compound & Evangelos

18 Apr


{photo by One Part Gypsy}

 Day 3, Part 2

 Snow in Santa Fe, scallops, great talks and Evangelo’s

 After The Georgia O’Keeffe museum we decided we needed to get out of the cold (my toes were seriously turning blue) and hole up for a bit in our hotel room to write, edit photos and catch up on everything. I could think of worse places to hole up for an afternoon to work -we sat in our gorgeous room at La Fonda, in our separate beds, listened to music, wrote and watched snow flakes fall outside our window.  The whole scene was a bit surreal.  I love this picture I snapped from our patio of a woman taking in the moment as well.

 After an afternoon of work we pulled ourselves together (layering on more clothing) for a dinner at the famous Compound Restaurant. Since we planned our itinerary, I have been looking forward to this meal- the chef Mark Kiffen is a “Best Chef in the Southwest 2005” James Beard award winner and the restaurant is considered the best in town.

{photo by One Part Gypsy}

 Our experience at the restaurant was superb. We were warmly greeted by Theresa, the event planner there, and led to a cozy table in the corner. She insisted we try the blood orange margaritas to start, and she even joined us for one. We all got along famously and she ended up sitting with us the entire meal 3 hour meal. We talked about life, choices we make, paths we take and lessons we learn. It’s always such a nice surprise when you meet like minded people out of the blue. The conversation was great and the food was delectable- I started with scallops and then had the salmon as my main course (can you tell I like fish?), both were cooked to perfection.

 After dinner I tired and full, but there was no way I wasn’t taking Rachel  to one of my favorite bars downtown, Evangelos. It’s a well known spot in Santa Fe because Angelo, the man who opened the bar in 1971, was a World War II veteran whose photo appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. The photo hangs proudly above the bar and his son, Nick, who is now the owner, enjoys telling you stories about his father. It also happens to be the bar they shot scenes from the film Crazy Heart at. I fell  in love with the history of this place, the lively music and well, ok, the drinks aren’t too bad either.


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Day 3, Part 1: Santa Fe, La Fonda & Georgia O’Keeffe

17 Apr


(photo by One Part Gypsy)

Day 3, Part 1

Acceptance, cozy mornings, sundresses in the snow, fancy rooms and Georgia

 In an attempt to get some work done before leaving Chantal’s house, Rachel and I decided to set our alarm for 5am. It wasn’t the smartest plan considering we went to bed at 1am but it was our only option. It was at that moment that I realized I was just going to have to go with the flow the next few weeks. Nothing was going according to our grand plan and the sooner I accepted that the happier I would be.There simply isn’t enough time to drive, explore, eat, write, photograph, visit, sleep AND look cute!

  It ended up being a perfect morning despite the lack of sleep; we worked for a few hours, played with Chantal’s son Sebastian, ate breakfast and hit the road by 10 am for Santa Fe dressed in fabulous sundresses, no less.

 While driving, we decided to check the weather report in Santa Fe- perfect time don’t you think? When you’re an hour away from your destination. I almost spit out my coffee when I read it aloud…they were expecting snow that afternoon. We looked down at our dresses and flip-flops and immediately started laughing. We stupidly assumed Santa Fe in the spring would be warm and never thought to check the forecast. Fools! It’s like the blind leading the blind over here people.

 We arrived at La Fonda by early afternoon and were greeted by the warmest bellman I have ever met. Enter Dave- originally from Texas but recently moved to Santa Fe, used to work in Travel, has a bit of an accent and very kind eyes. I immediately liked him. It dawned on me that I will be learning the stories of many interesting characters during the trip. I love that. I live for that kind of stuff.

 Dave helped us with our 500 bags and showed us to our room- when he opened the door my mouth dropped. Ou room was huge, gorgeous, decorated perfectly and our balcony had a flawless view of The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis Of Assisi. I had to pinch myself.

 After layering hundreds of pieces of clothing over our dresses, we hit the streets of Santa Fe. Our first stop was The Georgia O’Keefe museum. Side note- Rachel is obsessed with Georgia O’Keeffe. She happens to be a huge creative influence for her and also the reason for our upcoming stops in Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch (both places O’Keeffe painted). I am a fan of hers as well but I wouldn’t say my feelings are as strong as Rachel’s.

 I will admit that seeing her paintings in person was pretty powerful- such movement, grace and soul in her work. One room in the museum displayed photos of Georgia from different periods in her life and I was excited to spot a photo of O’Keeffe at both her private home and Ghost Ranch (places we will be visiting in New Mexico)…it got me so excited for everything to come!

 I was also deeply moved by this Georgia O’Keeffe quote-

 “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

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photos taken with my iphone that morning…


21 Mar


{photo by One Part Gypsy}

I had no idea that simply planning this across-the-country road trip would be so much fun! Rachel and I are both equally obsessed with every little detail, taking great pride in finding the perfect hotel, restaurant and activity in each city we stop. It’s definitely been a process reaching out to local businesses across the US but we have been over-whelmed  by the support we have received from each city- people are so welcoming!  It’s making me even more excited (if that’s possible) to get on the road and connect with people and learn about the history of each city.

This process has reaffirmed my belief in manifesting my dreams, because this 365 til 30 goal is manifesting in a huge, exciting way and I am very thankful for it all!

Los Angeles-> Tucson-> White Sands -> Santa Fe -> Abiquiu -> Austin -> New Orleans -> Jackson -> Memphis -> Montgomery->

Saint Mary’s -> Savannah -> Charleston -> Wilmington

Here we come!


17 Mar

It’s starting to happen…I’m starting to loose sleep over the road trip because I am so damn excited about it!!! I seriously can’t stop thinking about it- I’m obsessed. I’ve already fallen in love with each city- I’m in love with the history, the restaurants, the hotels, the people, the food, the music….everything about this trip excites me. I simply can’t wait to be on the open road with Rachel! I’m so excited to write my way across the country.

 I’ve gone mad!! Why can’t it be April 12th yet?

Here are a few inspiration pictures (ok maybe a lot)

{Arizona Inn}

{Arizona Inn}

{White Sands, NM}

{Ten Thousand Waves, Santa Fe}

{Georgia O’Keefe Museum/ Santa Fe, NM}

{I guess I’m just hoping I see this!}

{Abiquiu Inn/ Abiquiu, NM}

{Ghost Ranch/ NM}

{Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch, NM}

{Barton Springs/ Austin, TX}

{Vintage shopping / Austin, TX}

{Degas House / New Orleans, LA}

{Galatoire’s / New Orleans, LA}

{Monteleone / New Orleans, LA}

{Preservation Hall / New Orleans }

{Dauphine Books / New Orleans}

{Blues City Cafe / Memphis}

{Cafe Du Monde / New Orleans}

{Martin Luther King Home / Memphis}

{F. Scott Fitzgerald House }

{wild horses on Cumberland Island}