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my rules to live by

24 Jan


Back in October when I was at Jennifer Pastiloff’s Manifestaion Retreat she had each of us write our “rules to live by” . I find myself thinking of them often (especially when I feel like I am just getting through the day and not being mindful) and wanted to share them with you all…

My rules to live by:

1. be fucking amazing everyday

2. find the joy in everything I do

3. constantly push myself out of my comfort zone

4. write everyday

5. respect and value Brian and our relationship

6. laugh, laugh, laugh

7. enjoy the process

8. practice yoga

9. respect myself, my feelings and desires

10. worry less

11. act with love

12. live in gratitude

13. enjoy great food and wine

14. read interesting books

15. go on a travel adventure once a year

What are your rules to live by? I’d love to hear!