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15 / 52

12 Sep


“a portrait of my child, once a week, every week″

Frank Glodney using his beloved tennis ball as a pillow….the obsession is real. Is there a twelve step program for this?


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holiday Frank

25 Nov

Frank looking super cute in his holiday card…

holiday Frank

If you only knew how long it took for us to get this picture. FOREVER.

around these parts…

1 Aug

I’ve had the best intentions of posting more regularly but life has been crazy. Having a puppy in a non-stop job. The minute I walk through the door I become Frank’s bitch. Probably not the way it’s supposed to go but hey, it’s the truth. I’m a first time mom and Frank has me wrapped around his paw. Every time I sit down at my computer to write Frank either tears something up and I have to chase after him, shits, whines so loud I can’t hear myself think, bites my ankle with his needle teeth or just stares at me with the most pathetic eyes.  After a few hours of this I usually give up around six and turn on “Real Housewives Of Orange County”, pour a glass of wine & play with Frank instead. Clearly, I haven’t found my groove yet. This whole puppy thing may have set Brian and I back a few years with the whole baby thing. Thanks, Frank.  Although the experience has made me realize what a strong team Bri and I will be one day with a baby. I’m also madly in love with our new little family. There really is nothing better than when the three of us are hanging out. Our recent favorite activity is cuddling on the couch while watching “House of Cards” while Frank chews his bone.

When I’m not Frank’s bitch I put on my other hat….wedding extroidinar!! My main focus this week is booking our honeymoon and planning our ceremony/vows. Although with our schedules we’ve had a hard time figuring out either- we may just end up giving each other high fives in place of vows and taking a honeymoon to Catalina. Not like there’s anything wrong with Catalina but, compared to Brazil or Madagascar it falls a bit short.

Last night Bri and I decided to get away from Frank and the wedding by going on a mini weekday date night. One that involved pizza, rose wine and fried doughnut balls with nutella. I think this may have to be a new Wednesday night routine because I’m feeling reenergize today! Happy Thursday.


Frank and his first love

18 Jul

Brian’s mother, Zina, stopped by last weekend to meet her first grandson Frank, equipped with new toys. I swear between her and my mother, Frank is already a very spoiled boy. Interestingly enough, Frank isn’t really into toys. He’d much rather chew on the couch, my shoes, Brian’s shower scrub gloves, the wall, leaves and paper towels than his slew of toys. So when Zina arrived with the bag of toys I thought…good luck. She pulled out a monkey…nothing…a pig…he gave it one lick…a ball…he gave it a nudge…then she pulled out a teething ring that smelled of chicken and his eyes lit up. Truly they did. It was love at first sight. He immediately grabbed the little ring and started nawing at it. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe I wouldn’t have to be his constant play companion now that he had this!

Sadly, that is not what developed over the last ten days. He won’t actually chew it, instead he hides it around our home because he loves it so much. He always makes his move when he thinks nobody is watching and usually moves it every hour or so like it’s stolen goods and the police are on his ass. It’s love.

behind the curtains

behind the curtains


or maybe in this corner?


or maybe behind this planter?


or in the garden?


or behind the cooler?!


maybe behind these boxes?


nope I think behind the shoes might be best.


inspiration, gratitude & surprises

7 Jun


what inspired me this week?

Brian’s new photography site went live this week and I LOVE it.

Jen Pastiloff’s Project 30’s Q & A and then this follow-up vlog she did in response to it.

reminding myself that it’s ok to want to slow down a bit the next six months and simply enjoy the small things- taking care of myself is important.

an incredibly sweaty but AH-MAZING yoga class with Tamal and some of my favorite girlfriends Rachel, Katie & Sophie. Tuesday nights are fast becoming my favorite night of the week

“don’t give your mind so much power. most of its inner dialogue isn’t even rooted in reality. it plays upon your fears, insecurities and the more attention you feed it, the bigger the anxieties become. manage your mind, change your life.”
– Grace Yoga

my personal essay writing class at writing pad with Taffy Brodesser-Akner – she might be the funniest person I know.

what am I grateful for this week?

I had a really lovely afternoon visiting with my aunt Michelle and my mom-mom (grandmother) this week. One of the many joys of freelancing is that sometimes you have a Wednesday afternoon available to sit around with two of your favorite women and eat cheese and crackers and sip white wine. My mom-mom hasn’t been in the best health recently and it’s been really hard for me to accept, so moments like these are cherished.

what surprised me this week?

how many damn things one needs to purchase when getting a new puppy 


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Frank Glodney

2 Jun

Frank Glodneyme and Frank

me and Frank 2

The search is over! We found Frank! I’m a mom!

On Saturday morning Brian and I drove all the way down to Lake Forest to meet a litter that I’ve had my eye on for the last few weeks, hoping Frank would be there. When we arrived, the breeder had all the male pups out for us to look at- four to be exact. They were all so damn cute, I would have taken them all if I could. But, in the end we picked this little guy because he had a playful and funny little personality- he just seemed like Frank. Sadly, we couldn’t bring him home yet because he’s still too little. I have to wait patiently until June 28th. Sigh. It’s going to be a long few weeks. I guess it will give me time to prepare for the little guy. We’re also planning on squeezing in a camping trip before we are homebound with a puppy for a few months. I’ve never raised a puppy before…am I totally in for it? Was I crazy to add this to my plate five months before our wedding?? I’m sure my therapist will think so! On the way home from the breeder I told Brian that I thought it would be nice if we incorporated Frank into our wedding ceremony (maybe he could carry the rings on his back?) and I got the look again- the look that tells me he thinks I am insane. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I think my Frank craziness has only just begun! Buckle up, Brian.

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