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22 Mar


Considering Rachel and I are embarking on our crazy, beautiful, fun journey across the USA in a few short weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to write my Rachel “People That I Love” post because working with her on this project has reminded me how much I adore her. Among the women I call my dear-dear-dear friends, Rachel is the newest addition. I am amazed by what an important energy she has become in my life in two short years.

I guess I should tell you how we met because it’s kind of funny and serendipitous story! I was in a rough spot in my life and in need of a change and I decided that Venice was where I wanted to live- that Venice was the answer to all my problems. I may have been oversimplifying my life a bit at the time but go with me on this.

I had a list of things I wanted my new magical, life-changing home to include- I wanted it to have hardwood floors, be bright, feel cheerful and have outdoor space. I quickly learned that this is hard to find in Venice unless you want to spend $5,000 a month- which I didn’t. I was about to lose hope when I stumbled upon a Craigslist ad- female in her 20’s, with a house, with hardwood floors, looking for a roommate. I liked the sound of this! I clicked on the ad, saw pictures of the house and knew it was my new home. I could feel it in my bones. It was my home. I took it a step further (as I usually do) and looked up the girl renting the house on Facebook- and guess what…I loved everything about her as well! I am starting to sound like a stalker, huh? But, I swear it wasn’t like that! Think what you want.

So I sent this random girl renting a magical, life-changing house in Venice, who seemed to be fabulous via her facebook account, an email letting her know I was really interested in the place. I shared a bit about myself- I work in fashion…I was from LA…blah blah blah. I decided not to share that I was a writer, host, blogger at the time because I thought that might make her wary of my ability to pay rent. So I went with my other career at the time- fit model for fashion labels. I hit send and smiled with excitement! I had found my home!

Then, a funny thing happened…I heard nothing back from my new home…days went by…I re-checked my outgoing emails to make sure it sent…It did…I re-sent it thinking something must have happened in email space because otherwise she would have responded by now! But nothing and then the ad disappeared.

Another two months went by and I still hadn’t moved. I was drinking tea, still hating my current home and searching craigslist for places in Venice and then it happened- I saw my magical, life-changing home in Venice for rent again!! I was terribly excited but then the excitement wore off and I thought, why didn’t she respond the first time? Asshole. But, in true Kate fashion I still reached out (I have since gotten over this need to be liked) and re-sold myself again via email and this time it worked! I got a response!

To make a long story short (I missed that opportunity already, huh?) Rachel and I met, she rented me the room in her house and we have been friends ever since. Rachel has since admitted to me that she first ignored my emails because she thought- ugh a girl who’s from LA, who works in fashion…yuck. 


Over the last two years Rachel and I have shifted from roommates to friends, moving into a more interesting, thoughtful and connected friendship every day. I value her support (she shows up for me no-matter what kind of melt-down I’m having or what she has going on), creative energy (she’s probably one of the most talented photographers I know…she can create something beautiful out of nothing), kindness (I honestly can’t think of an un-kind she has every done..how often can you say that about somebody?) and advice more than she may know. She has become family.

I trust her with everything and anything and I don’t doubt for a second that she has my best interest in mind at all times. She’s “got my back” as the saying goes.

Rachel is a goofy, loving, happy and positive force of energy.  She’s one of those rare people who really embraces life. She instills magic into everything she does. She’s a delightful person to laugh with, work with, cook with, work-out with,  play with, drink with, cry with and be in silence with.

I count my lucky stars that she came into my life (thanks craigslist!) because I am better for it and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to drive across the country with.

Adventure awaits.



4 Feb

One of my best girlfriends Jen is back in LA and I couldn’t be happier! She was living in Haiti for 6 months volunteering for the All Hands Organization. How cool is she? She makes my weekly volunteer session at PATH look like small potatoes! She really took the whole volunteering thing up a notch. I happen to think she was so brave to leave her life in LA, her job in casting, her home and set off for the unknown. She knew she wanted more from life and went after it. Totally inspiring story.

 Yesterday afternoon I had her all to myself and we went on a mini adventure to the Santa Monica Pier. So perfect.

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4 Jan


At 17 I thought my chances of having a sister were over but then Brooke waltzed into my life and changed that. In actuality she’s my second cousin…or maybe its my first cousin once removed? I can never remember how it goes but our grandpa’s are bothers, I will leave it at that. When I was in high school Brooke moved to LA to live with my mom, Nik and me until she got her own place. What a lucky event that was for me because she has become my “other”, the person I tell everything to. Even the bad and yucky stuff I hate to even admit even to myself. She gets to hear it all. I find that there are very few people in life that are able to love you in spite of your flaws. She has held my hand through some of the crappiest moments in my life, but through her wicked sense of humor managed to turn them into some of the best. It’s deceiving, she’s so pretty and angelic looking that you wouldn’t expect her to have such a sharp tongue… but she does and I happen to think that’s when she’s at her best. Brooke allows herself to feel every emotion and I know that’s what makes her such a beautiful soul, not to mention a beautiful actress. I admire that quality. I would support her through anything and I can safely say she would do the same for me. My friendship with her is one of the best relationships in my life. As we have joked in the past – too bad we are cousins and are not attracted to women – because  we would make one awesome couple! I admire the human she is, the friend she is, the artist she is, and the mother she has become (not to mention she makes GORGEOUS children). I feel so grateful that she wandered into my life 13 years ago because she has taught me a thing or two about unconditional love.

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14 Dec


I got lucky when Pamela chose me to be her step daughter. It’s the truth. I got lucky. I was only 3 when my Dad and Pamela met so I can’t remember my life with out her, nor do I want to. She’s been a light in my life and a force of love behind me. She always pushes me to think deeper, stay true to myself and most importantly write about it. She has never and would never let me fall and that has been an amazing gift. It’s not all serious though! There is so much laughter between us. When I was a little girl she used to read me joke books to put me to bed at night. We would laugh so hard our belly’s would hurt. Not only does she help me to find the humor in life but she has always been an advocate for me and I love her for that. I also love her for her beauty, charm, wit, brains and heart. What a seriously cool woman to have in my corner.

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