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project 30 – amy nicole

11 Sep


Amy Nicole, 33 / owner of CHICSTUDIOS

What would your 30 something self tell your 20 something self if you could?

I would tell my 20 something self that the hard work you are about to put in, the long hours and exhausting days, will show it’s success in the years to come. Just be patient.

What do you wish you took more seriously in your 20’s?

Rest. I did not rest, ever, which in my 20s seemed to work out ok, but now in my 30s I literally collapse on the weekends.

What do you wish you took less seriously in your 20’s?

My failures. I felt at the time they were the biggest disappointment ever, but looking back, they are the key to my success today.

Favorite memory from your 20’s?

All my travels. From places like Brazil, Mexico, Paris and Spain, I found such beauty and inspiration that I carry with me today.

In your early 20’s where did you think you would be (work, live etc) by 30?

I manifested what I have today, and I worked hard to make it happen. I love exactly what I do work-wise. I have a beautiful family I adore and cherish. And I live in the place I dreamed to be, right by the ocean but close to a local airport, near by fabulous shopping and dining!

And where were you by 30? What did your life look like?

I am now 33, so three years ago I was living in New York City (I now live in Los Angeles), going to and from my makeup school (CHICSTUDIOS) everyday, expanding the space from the 1 classroom we started with to more than double the space in Manhattan and becoming a (NYSED) school- licensed by the Department of Education.

Were you ever worried that it wouldn’t all fall into place?

The thought crossed my mind now and again, but I never let it consume me. If someone would have told me, when I had the idea or made me say it out-loud ‘I am going to start a makeup school in the heart of New York City’ I would have thought it was unattainable, but because I do not worry much about things like that, I just went for it!

What is the greatest gift about being a woman in your 30’s?

The greatest gift is, the knowledge I have from the last ten years! The learning experience has been invaluable.

When you look out onto the horizon. What do you hope your life looks like at 40?

I see a bright horizon…with more (real!) vacations! And, Several more makeup school locations (next one, is CHICSTUDIOS Los Angeles, Fall 2015).

What’s a quote/ saying you try to live your life by?

My favorite quote, and one I truly live by, is by Deepak Chopra, “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.”







21 Feb

Coming off yesterday’s post, I am sure this will NOT come as a surprise to you- I have hit a bit of a midlife crisis with 365 til 30. Or, as Maggi, my life coach so kindly put it- “I think 365 til 30 is starting to run you now, instead of you running it”. Ouch. What a painful thing to hear but so true. The ten goals that gave me SOOOOO much joy 6 months ago have started to feel like chores- totally not the point of this project! Maggi has urged me to remember why I originally wanted to accomplish these goals and to focus on the joy and excitement the thought of experiencing them brought me.

 When I started 365 til 30 six months ago,  I was off and running right out of the gate. Full of excitement and wonder, I happily embarked on the adventure of camping and Tassajara. After accomplishing them I moved onto my other goals for the year- learn to cook, master the tango, speak French fluently, work with my favorite websites, publish my writing (I have a book proposal floating around at a publisher…fingers crossed) and volunteer. I have realized these goals are less finite and instead are an ongoing process. I am constantly tending to them.

The last two goals…Drive Across the USA (which I am in the process of planning for April) and getting Frank, my French Bulldog (which will happen when we move) are goals that I am still working towards. With the road trip fast approaching I happen to think about it all the time. I am DYING with excitement to drive across the USA with my girlfriend Rachel– she is the perfect friend to do this with and equally excited! This goal has always been one of my favorites on the list because it’s something I have dreamed of doing since I was little girl and I can’t believe I’m finally going to do it! As the trip approaches though I have started to feel a bit anxious about it. When I put it on the list I always wondered how I would take the time off to do it right. It’s not like it’s ever really convenient to leave your life for 3-4 weeks…work and money are valid concerns. My remedy for the fear is to remember the joy the idea of accomplishing it brings me and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

With so much on my plate I decided I needed a focused plan towards finding the joy in the goals again.

I start another round of tango classes on Monday the 27th for 6 weeks and I will not skip one class…not one!

I will find one new exciting dish a week to learn! (last night it was fish provencal! It was soooooooooo gooooood- post coming!)

I will continue my volunteer work at PATH once a week.

I will spend 4 hours a week practicing my French in preparation for my trip to Paris in July!!!

I will finalize all the details for our road trip from a joyful place instead of an anxious place so that we are ready to embark on the journey in April!!

I will stay positive and grateful about the fact that my book proposal is floating around  in the world instead of anxious.

I will re-stratagize my approach for working with Take Part and Explore- I have had sooooo many meetings with both of them and feel like the timing has been off…but maybe I need to re-think my approach.

I will commit to weekly sessions with Maggi starting this week. It doesn’t matter how busy I am! They will be a priority because they always keep me focused, calm, joyful and on-track.

Oh, and most importantly, I will commit to being grateful and enjoy the process….otherwise what the hell is the point right??!


Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.

Anais Nin


17 Feb


-What inspired me this week?-

trapeze class

daydreaming of Paris

The woman in this video knocked my socks off!! She’s 108 years old and a Holocaust survivor- I found her spirit and outlook on life inspiring . My favorite line was “Everything is a present”….

 -What am I grateful for this week?-

My sweet boy who planned a lovely Valentines Day! He took me on two great dates…our first date was a burger and movie night- we saw the old film The African Queen which I loved. On our second date he surprised me with 4 dozen roses and dinner at Lily’s which is my favorite French restaurant.

 Bethenny Ever After starts again next week! There is a God!

-What surprised me this week?-

I surprised even my-crazy-self when I booked a one-way flight to Paris- I leave on July 15th!! I had exactly enough miles to get there and I thought why the hell not and booked the flight. If I can’t get back then I will move to Paris…how bad could that be? Kidding I would really miss Brian! I plan to rent an apartment and pretend I live in Paris for two weeks. Most likely I will be going by myself unless any of my girlfriends decide to join! (hint hint Taline, Crystal, Jen and Rachel) Either way I am fine with it…I think Paris could be kinda fun alone- I would practice my French, write, eat, drink, sleep, explore…can you say heaven??? Of course I will be bringing you all there with me as well.


‎”With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

~ The Dalai Lama ~


12 Feb

{Aunt Paule & I in Paris}

I’ve got Paris on the brain. I had breakfast with my Aunt Paule and she  inspired me to make Paris a reality for my birthday. This is a woman who may love Paris more than me…hard to imagine but it’s true. She rents an apartment there most years and spends a few weeks by herself in the city. How cool is she? This year she is going in May to celebrate her 80th birthday!! Love love love this! I was telling her that I wanted to go in the summer to celebrate my 30th and she insisted I book the trip. I’m thinking she may be right and ever since our breakfast I cannot stop daydreaming about being in Paris. I think it would be a perfect way to wrap up 365 til 30.


11 Jan


Recently I have been day dreaming about being in Paris for my 30th birthday ( the goal is to speak French by then of course). Last night my girlfriend sent me this Paris apartment rental website and I almost died. Aren’t these apartments gorgeous??? I think they would inspire anyone to learn French and get their ass to Paris!


2 Jan

My vision board for 2012 is finally complete! I LOVED making it. It’s always so much fun to find the images and words that correspond to what’s in my heart. When I look at my new board, it is very clear to me that I will be traveling a bunch (driving across the usa anyone?), working a bunch, that 365 til 30 will have a lot of continued success, that i’m going to Paris (hopefully for my 30th birthday!), working for both Explore & Takepart, moving into a truly spectacular new home by the beach, signing a book deal…and living happily ever after with Brian. Oh and if you happened to notice a few pictures of babies and kids (rather cute ones)…those are long term goals. I simply want to lay the groundwork for them this year. I truly believe that all of this is possible and that excites me. I just need to get back on the horse from my vacation brain. As much fun as the holidays have been…I am ready to get back to work.

What do you want to manifest for 2012? I’d love to hear!


There is no chance, no destiny, no fate,
That can circumvent or hinder or control
The firm resolve of a determined soul.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox~


5 Dec


Damn you French. Damn you!

The first thing I did when I started 365 til 30 (other than have a panic attack because I was scared that I took on more than I could handle) was sign up for French classes. I stupidly assumed that my French goal would be one of the easiest to tackle. Boy was I wrong because easy it was not. It brought me right back to high school French class and I was quickly reminded that while some things change a lot in 10 years…others don’t. I happen to still hate being in a classroom situation and learning the French language still proves hard for me. To make matters worse I had my type A mother (love you mom) as a fellow French student. Clearly, I like a challenge.

I was chatting with an old friend Shaun, an actor who’s working and living in Paris for three months. He was telling me how fabulous it is to live in Paris…he also mentioned that he is well on his way to being fluent in French.  My stomach dropped. Oh the jealousy! Not only is he living in my favorite city in the world but he’s also on his way to being fluent in French! Truly unfair! After we hung up I decided that I am packing up and moving to Paris. I’m kidding. Although doesn’t that sound romantic? Moving to Paris just because. I wish! I am now convinced that if I could spend time in Paris that I too would speak French once and for all. Until I figure out how to manifest living in Paris the month of June I will have to purchase Rosetta Stone tapes…or maybe find a brilliant and very patient French tutor?

** PS. My plan to force Brian to watch christmas movies last night to celebrate Bert’s arrival failed miserably and we ended up watching “Inglorious Bastards”. Not really the cozy movie I was imaging.**


28 Nov

The other night I was up from 3 to 6 am (glorious hours to be up by yourself) thinking about 365 til 30 and my 10 goals. I cannot believe it’s been almost 5 months since it all began. I am truly blown away by how much has happened in the last 5 months- I moved in with Brian, camped, tango’d, cooked, baked, attempted French, written more insane emails than I care to admit, laughed, cried, danced, jumped with joy, had my goals actualize, had meetings that rocked my world, had goals temporarily derailed but still made a point to find the humor in it all.

Getting out of my comfort zone has forced me to see myself differently and laugh more than I thought possible. I also learned that I am much more resilient than I originally gave myself credit for. Not to mention I found the strength to get over my chicken phobia.

But the most amazing part has been how much I was able to manifest by setting a clear intention. I have always had a very clear image of what I wanted my life to look like and it’s coming into focus.

But, you know what kept me awake most during those  glorious hours? Thinking about what still lies ahead. What big surprises are around the corner. What goals I needed to re-strategize to attain and what goals I need to breathe new life into. Because, as much as this blog is about finding the joy in each day it’s also about actualizing these 10 goal and I want them all to happen as much as I did five months ago.

 I have decided that I need to start January off with a clear focus and to do so I need to re-cap, re-stratagize and fall in love with them all again.

So all through December I will be recapping and brainstorming the 10 goals!

For the readers who recently joined the 365 til 30 party this may also help you catch up! I do realize that some of you may think my “Frank” photos means Frank is real. This is not a crazy assumption. Sadly, he’s not. Not yet at least.


16 Nov
20 things that have been making me happy
recently: 1st edition 
1. Pumpkin anything…especially candles and frozen yogurt
2. The hint of Christmas in the air…my favorite time of year is around the corner!
3. This show at the Groundlings Theatre. It cracked me up! A must see if you live in LA
4. Making a plan with my dear friend Rick to learn how to cook his amazing Thai fish dish
5. Cuddling on the couch under blankets
6. Cold nights
7. Leather jackets
8. Scarves
9. Boots
10. The love of a wonderful man
11. Daydreaming about travel ideas/goals that I would LOVE to complete this year…
my 30th birthday in Paris ( I have stolen this idea from my best girlfriend Ali who is spending her 30th birthday in Paris. GENIUS IDEA)…
February trip with Brian to Yosemite for his birthday…
March trip across the country….
oh yeah and I would DIE to continue my tango lessons in Argentina for a week or two…am I asking too much???
12. Receiving a post card in the mail from my friend Chantal! I can’t remember the last time I got a postcard!
14. Watching French Bulldogs walk down the street. The way they wiggle when they walk kills me
15. Fall tv programs…I am loving “Up All Night”
16. How do you know when you’re almost 30? When you are thrilled to have a girls night out on the town…with your mom. We stayed out till 11:30 on MONDAY night. Crazy I tell you. Crazy
17. Pinot Noir
18. Rilke poems
19. Morning beach walks
20. The new Marcel video. He’s BACK! My favorite line from the new video –
“guess why I smile a lot? uh. cause it’s worth it.”


4 Nov

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but I am thrilled it’s the weekend. Tonight Brian and I are having dinner with our friends Rachel and PJ. I think Rachel and I are going to attempt to make a stir fry for dinner but this has yet to be confirmed. No matter what we decide to cook I will be posting pictures and a recipe of course! Let’s see what else do I want to update you guys on. Oh! I have my last French class tomorrow. Sadly, I don’t speak French yet. Although I can order an omelette in French.  Progress right? I think I will need to find another class. I still have 246 days dammit! Actually, maybe I should take private lessons? I may need one on one attention on this matter. I had no idea learning French was going to be one of the hardest goals to tackle. You know what I wish? I wish I could go live in France for a month. I bet I would learn French then! Wouldn’t that be lovely…365 til 30 from Paris. Oui! Oui!