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Kate, who?

28 Mar


On Sunday, Brian and I attended a brunch celebrating the 5oth wedding anniversary of his extended family members, Roberta and Larry. It was exactly what you would expect from such an event, a room filled with lots of love, laughter, tears and screaming kids.

Thankfully, they served mimosas and thankfully Brian’s parents, Steve & Zina and Aunt and Uncle, Carole & Michael, sat at a table with us. They are a seriously fun bunch, each one of them comes equipped with their own wicked sense of humor. They have always made me feel accepted, appreciated and loved. Believe me, I know how lucky I am; I’ve heard horror stories from people who dislike their future family.

They are also incredibly generous toward me, treating me as if I was their own. Early in our relationship, they brought me along on a family vacation to Nicaragua for Zina’s 60th birthday. Pretty nice, huh? I fell in love with his parents somewhere between the late night games of cards with his Dad and the drinks by the pool with his Mom. They are a solid family and my life has been made richer by having them in my life.

Toward the end of the 50th anniversary brunch, Roberta, the guest of honor, gave a speech, during which she thanked everyone for being there, including the Glodney’s- Steve, Zina, Michael, Carol, Brian & Kate. When I heard the name Kate coupled with Glodney, I thought, who? Seriously, for a split second, I thought who are they talking about?? Then I realized, oh, she meant me. I’m the Kate Glodney she’s talking about.

Well, not officially yet but I guess the crossover has begun. I am considered part of the Glodney family now, a family I am honored to be part of but it still feels kinda strange.

With all the wedding planning hoopla, I hadn’t really being doing much thinking about the whole name changing thing. Part of me thinks there is something so archaic about it. I mean, why doesn’t Brian just take my last name? Brian McClafferty. HA. I also think it’s funny for anyone to have to change their name. I mean, why? I thought about hyphenating it but I think Kate McClafferty-Glodney is a bit much.

Then I got to thinking about when we have kids and how I want our home to be a home of Glodney’s. I want us to walk in the room and be “The Glodney’s”. I want us to be a team.

So, yes, after doing some thinking, I’ve decided that I am going to change my name. Kate Glodney. It has a nice ring to it right?

What are all of your thoughts on the name changing thing? Did you? Would you?


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