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117 New Orleans Inspiration

13 Mar



Don’t these photos make you want to leave your life right now and be transported to New Orleans!? That’s what these photos do for me! When planning the stops for our upcoming road trip, spending time in New Orleans was a MUST for both Rachel and I. We have always wanted to go there…always. One of my favorite things about planning a road trip is that you can stop wherever you damn please…such freedom! Our plan is to spend a whole weekend exploring the city of New Orleans (compared to one night most other cities) and we also hope that our lovely boyfriends can fly out to join us for some fun.

I am so excited to immerse myself in the New Orleans culture for a few days. Have any of you guys been there? I would LOVE to know your favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, hotels….anything!! Please share your secrets!



3 Feb


 365 til 30 is the featured story on Life By Me today!! Life By Me happens to be one of my favorite sites- I look forward to reading the  featured piece everyday and today it’s mine! No pressure that other featured stories were written by Deepak Chopra and Desmond Tutu, right? No pressure at all. In all seriousness though, I am thrilled to be included on the site. It means the world to me and I also don’t mind being called a “Manifesting Dynamo” either…

-What inspired me this week?-

This quote-

“When you surrender, the problem ceases to exist. Try to solve it, or conquer it, and you only set up more resistance. . . . The most difficult thing to admit, and to realize with one’s whole being, is that you alone control nothing. . . .”
— Henry Miller

I have been crazy focused (I stress crazy) on how 365 til 30 is supposed to end and attempting to plan everything out like I control the universe. I have had to keep reminding myself that 365 til 30 is a ride to be enjoyed and not to be controlled. So when I stumbled upon the quote above I smiled with acceptance. I alone do not control everything and that’s actually part of the fun. That’s the funny thing about manifesting. You have to trust that you have put the energy out there and be open to what is meant to come. Things may turn out differently than I initially imagined and who the hell knows what’s to be revealed within the next 5 months. I have been wonderfully surprised numerous times in the last 6 months. Why stop now, Universe!

Oh, road trip planning you certainly do inspire me. I get a little flutter in my heart every time I think about my upcoming trip. I could stay up all night every night researching interesting things to do across America. I find it all so exciting! I still can’t believe I plan on leaving my life for a month to explore the US. Sounds slightly insane. But, I guess I am slightly insane so it all makes sense.

LOVED this list.

This beautiful photography project by Lauren Fleishman features the love stories of couples who have been married for over 50 years. The pictures are the sweetest thing I have ever seen but the quotes are even sweeter.

I am re-reading The Artist’s Way and I always find it inspiring.

When I can hear the waves crash at night.

-What am I grateful for this week?-

Brian. I was sick this week and as we all know when you feel crummy there is nothing better then having somebody take care of you.

-What surprised me this week?-

 I received an envelope in the mail from my friend Aireka with an amazing music compilation CD in it! She decided to make a CD for her friends that represented  her music expression of 2011. Don’t you just love that idea!?


“If we are in the middle of the tunnel, we don’t get to the beauty on the other side by wishful thinking or burying our head in the sand—we get there by taking one deliberate step at a time.”

Ingrid Mathieu


31 Jan


Mr. McClafferty is on the case- the road trip safety case that is. I have come to accept that it doesn’t matter to him that I am almost 30 (and can hopefully take care of myself at this point) because he will always be my pops and on the case about my safety. When I was a little girl he used to drive me nuts with all his precautions but as I have grown I now find it sweet, thoughtful, helpful, loving and ok sometimes a little frustrating.

Even this year he had a little “moment” (it’s actually rather funny when I look back at it now) when I tackled my second goal for 365 til 30– spend one week at a Buddhist monastery. When I first told him I was going to Tassajara, he was worried I was going to some religious cult in the mountains and that he was going to have to perform sort of rescue mission. I assured him Tassajara was a very nice place and not a religious cult in the mountains. The second problem he had with the whole thing was the drive. For those of you that don’t remember…there was a somewhat treacherous 14 mile road leading into Tassajara. The website did make it sound pretty horrible…I will give him that. I was sorry to learn that he went to the site  before my departure and saw the precautions. I had been trying to keep them a secret because I knew it would just eat him up inside and I didn’t want him to worry. But he saw and it wasn’t good.

On my drive up we were in constant communication and right before I turned down the last road leading into the buddhist monastery (where I would lose reception for good for 7 days) I called him and told him everything was ok, that I would be fine and that I would call him as soon as I got reception again…in 7 days. He said ok, that he loved me and to have fun. I thought we were good. I thought it had ended and that he was good and that we would speak in 7 days. Cut to 3 hours later…I’m in a Buddhist monastery, chopping vegetables in silence and a Buddhist monk walks over to me and says “Are you Kate?”. I was surprised by the fact that a monk was speaking to me. What did the buddhist monk say to me, you ask? He said I had a phone call…that my Dad was on the phone. I was mortified. Everybody around me stared at me. One girl even tried to silence a laugh.

Now we have come to my cross-country road trip and as you can imagine Mr.McClafferty is getting a little anxious again. In the last few weeks I have received many calls from my father about his concerns…

Two women driving across the country by themselves…just not ok in his book. He’s just not happy about this…enough said.

 He’s worried because I don’t know how to change a tire and that I am not handy with car maintenance in general. Ok, so maybe he’s right about this part and I should learn a few things before I depart.

In a perfect world he would like to have a detailed itinerary of everywhere we will be sleeping, moving, eating and peeing. I have tried to explain to him that it is just too hard, considering things may be changing constantly and that that is part of the adventure. I don’t know when the mood will strike to pee!

He is also not too happy that we have chosen April to make the drive…he thinks it will still be too cold and cause the roads to be dangerous.

Oh and tornadoes…they are a problem too

Clearly, the man has concerns. But because I love him to death and would do anything to ease his fears…I’m thinking maybe I take a few car maintenance classes before I leave? Do such things even exist?


“You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.”

Charles Kuralt


29 Jan



6 Jan


{photo via}

-What inspired me this week?-

My new vision board! I lurve it. Brian’s board is pretty fab too but he wouldn’t let me post pictures of his (understandably so. I think I’m the only asshole that would share their vision board with the world-wide web). Trust me though, his is good. For a guy who isn’t into “new age” stuff, he really grasped the concept.

The word “movement”

My volunteer meeting with PATH (People assisting the homeless). I start working with them next week. I will be volunteering in the job search department, helping write cover letters for the residents!

My friend Jen’s amazing article, “I had this dream I was perfect”…her writing is so honest and fabulous!

Love this article 

-What am I grateful for this week?-

My pops! Happy Birthday Daddy. SO happy you were born

 I have said it before but I am deeply grateful for yoga. It makes me a much more agreeable person to be around! (with less anxiety too. YAY YOGA!)

Manuk for teaching me his Schnitzel 

The LA weather. 85 degrees in January…yes please

365 til 30 has had a really great week! Thanks readers! I am so grateful for you.

-What surprised me this week?-

How much I LOVE this song! I’m surprised because it’s not a song I would normally like but when I heard it on KCRW’s morning becomes eclectic  I fell in love with it. It makes me want to dance! Actually, it did make me dance!


“Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”



15 Dec


{ cover by One Part Gypsy }

I’m seriously chomping at the bit to get on the open road! I’m a girl who likes to be on the move and off on a new adventure as often as possible. I have a feeling that I may have to put a stop to this at some point so I can have a big girl life. It seems you can’t settle down and have a family if you are always on the move. What a shame. That’s why it’s on my list of goals before I hit 30!  At the moment the exact details of my drive being sorted out but here are the things I do know…

I want to drive through the southern states this spring (no fun to do it in the snow!)

I’d like different friends to join for the drive when they can.

Ideally I’d like to make the trip in a groovy Airstream trailer– maybe with a big “365 til 30” written on the side of it?? Ok I’m kidding about the logo…I think.

I want to travel around for a month.

I want to stay in as many funny and ridiculous motels as possible

I want to have a beer in a dusty old bar in the middle of nowhere.

I want/need/require a Polaroid camera for the trip ( For some reason my inspiration photos for the trip have a 70’s feel to them and for that reason I have decided a Polaroid camera seems to be the right fit)

I want to hang with locals in every town I visit so I can write about my conversations with them

I’d love to interview every person I meet about what it means to be 30.

and I want lots and lots of good music to carry me through my journey.

Here’s my first compilation mix…


“It wouldn’t be a road trip without these songs”

{click on them to hear}

1. “Sweet Home Alabama” by lynrd Skynrd

2. “Everyday is a winding road” by Sheryl Crow

3. “Drive my car” by The Beatles

4. “Life is a highway” by Tom Cochrane

5. “I’ve been everywhere” Johnny Cash

6. “Paradise City” by Guns n’ Roses

7. “Life in the fast lane” by Eagles

8. “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty

9. “American Girl” by Tom Petty

10. “Hit the road jack” by Ray Charles

11. “Baba O’Riley” by The Who

12. “Born to run” by Bruce Springsten

13. “Turn the page” by Bob Segar

14. “On the road again” by Willie Nelson

15. “Riders of the storm” by The Doors

16. “Running on empty” by Jackson Browne

17. “Truckin” by Grateful Dead

18. “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

19. “You can’t catch me” by Chuck Berry

20. “Low rider” by War


4 Oct

Tonight on the 277th day until I am 30, I am going on a date with Brian to see Beirut at the Greek Theatre! Je suis très enthousiaste (I am very excited)! I adore them…ADORE. I find their music moving and soulful. Considering I love all their songs I had a seriously hard time choosing which to post today but I finally settled on “Elephant Gun”….because I love the lyrics and the video is pretty magical! Enjoy!


If I was young, I’d flee this town
I’d bury my dreams underground
As did I, we drink to die
We drink tonight

Far from home, elephant gun
Let’s take them down one by one
We’ll lay it down, it’s not been found
It’s not around

Let the seasons begin
It rolls right on
Let the seasons begin
Take the big king down

Let the seasons begin
It rolls right on
Let the seasons begin
Take the big king down

And it rips through the silence
Of our camp at night
And it rips through the night

And it rips through the silence
Of our camp at night
And it rips through the silence
All that is left is all that I hide

Elephant Gun by Beirut


23 Jul

Big Sur to San Luis Obispo

Highway 1






Neil Young

Winding roads


No cell phones


Nacimiento Road

Feeling like the only people in the world





Bad Calamari sandwich

Elephant Seals




So what if I haven’t washed my hair in 4 days?



22 Jul


Week 2’s “Inspiration, Gratitude & Surprises”  from a very tired, sweaty and Chardonnay sipping girl sitting at the Fernwood Grill, Big Sur.

-What inspired me this week?-

A session with my life coach Maggi (www.maggischarf.com).

Conversations with Rachel (www.onepartgypsy.com) about future dinner parties, dogs, Thailand and life.

The music filled scenic drive up the 1 highway to Big Sur.

-What am I grateful for this week?-

My first camping experience with my best friend and lover (and guy to my right sipping beer)

The fact that my sister Brooke (really second cousins) is moving back to LA.

My sweet friend Ari.

-What surprised me this week?-

The fact that Brian and I completed a 8 mile hike today…I even carried a heavy (I think) backpack!!

How in love I was with old town Cayucos.

How handy Brian is in the wilderness…he even put fire gloves on at one point to handle our campfire.

How cold Big Sur is in the summer (could be because I am sleeping in a tent)

How quickly a majestic redwood forest can turn into a bug ridden den.

The fact I am getting wireless service when I can’t even get cell service.


“In order to change our way of thinking about the environment, a deeper change has to happen within us”

Yehuda Berg