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29 Jul

My best friend, Taline gave birth to her baby boy, Liam on Friday. I know….I know…babies are born everyday but his arrival really pulled at my heart-strings. Probably because Taline and I have been best friends since the 7th grade (oy! that’s twenty years!) and she’s like a sister to me. We’ve stood by each others side through so many ups and downs (OH….and the stories we have on each other…we are taking those to the grave!). I seriously trust her with my life. She’s such a beautiful human being and now I can safely say she’s a beautiful mama. I’m looking forward to standing by her side in this exciting new journey.

Brian and I spent Saturday afternoon visiting with the new family at the hospital. Man, that little Liam stole my heart. He’s beyond precious- so teeny tiny and absolutely perfect. He made my ovaries hurt! HA.

Welcome to the world Liam! You got very lucky in the parental department!







photos by BHG



29 Sep


My mom is kicking my ass at learning French! She’s obsessed. OBSESSED. She has taken to only texting me in French…often taking it a step further by  putting the pronunciation of words in parenthesis next to them. When I read her texts I think…how is she already writing sentences in French and…my mother is kicking my ass at learning French.

I would have gone my whole life never knowing my Mom was a type A student if it wasn’t for this experience. In class she sits in the front row with a huge grin on her face, often turning around (because I am not in the front row) and mouthing “Isn’t this fun?!”  to me multiple times. Throughout the week she also likes to ask me daily if I have finished my French homework (she always has in case you were wondering). I love and ADORE my mother but she’s kicking my ass at learning French.

Merde (Shit)


Text from my mother before my trip to Sedona

“Mais bon voyage a Brian (pronounced Bree-YON) and tu!! Je t’adore.”