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heavy heart

8 Jul


Despite today being my birthday and the fact we brought Frank home last week, I have been in a really heavy place. My grandmother (Mom-mom),Peg, passed away last week and it has made everything seem cloudy. She had been ill for some time so I thought I was prepared for the inevitable, but when I got the call, I just crumbled. She was such a beautiful woman, wife, mother, grandmother & great-grandmother. She was so full of love and warmth. She was the glue that held our family together. Mom-mom was born in Maryland but ended up settling in Delaware where she met my Pop-pop and raised six kids. She loved Delaware with every fiber in her being, but when my grandfather passed away a few years ago she moved to CA to live with her daughter, Michelle. Selfishly, I loved having her close. But I knew she always longed to be back in Delaware. So with heavy hearts we are returning her to Delaware and to be buried next to Pop-pop. I get a teary-eyed when I write that, but I know she is returning to her favorite place and her favorite man.

With our wedding a few months away losing both Brian’s grandpa, Mykola, a few weeks ago and then Mom-mom is really difficult. I know how deeply they both wanted to share in the day with us. Man, Mom-mom just loved Brian too. She thought he was one of the best humans she ever met. I know in my heart how sure she was sure about “us” and our union. I also know she will be there in spirit on the big day. A few weeks before her passing, she kept talking about a red dress that she wanted to wear to our wedding. I get chills when I think about it. I’m going to imagine her dancing the night away in her red dress.

Heading to Delaware tonight for the service and to celebrate her life with my family.