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1 Nov


My friend Rachel and I recently spent an afternoon cooking together. On the menu… Healthy Falafels! I loved the idea of making a middle eastern meal considering I’m a huge fan of hummus and will take any excuse to incorporate it into a meal. We spent the morning shopping for our ingredients at the local farmer’s market  and I have to admit that I was completely surprised by the fact that 1. We bought almost all the ingredients there and 2. It only cost us 10 dollars! I can’t get over how much we bought for 10 bucks. Seems completely crazy to me but then again I was the girl who bought every meal from The Whole Foods prepared section before starting 365 til 30…so maybe this is normal? Anyways, not only is this recipe cheap but it’s easy to make, healthy and delicious. Oh and I totally recommend eating it outside on a lovely fall day with red wine and one of your favorite people.

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(All photos by One Part Gypsy)

Falafel ingredients:
2 cans chickpeas
large handful fresh parsley
1/2 red onion
2 eggs
1 T tumeric
1 T cumin
salt & pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in large bowl

Make falafel mix into patties and place in pan on medium heat (with a little oil)

Salad ingredients:
mixed greens
small handful fresh mint
1.5 cups cherry tomatoes
1 cucumber

Dressing ingredients:

2 T hummus
1 T tahini
drizzle EVOO
fresh squeezed lemon