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4 Aug


When I put together my list of 11 goals for the year I choose them with my gut and not my head. After completing my first goal I had a realization about the list. The camping experience brought out a part of me I really like. She’s easy, adventurous and goes with the flow. It was then that it hit me. These 11 goals represented 11 different facets of my character that I wanted to strengthen moving into my 30’s.

 CAMPING… Completing this goal brought out an easy, adventurous and go with the flow version of myself that I want to keep alive moving forward. She’s so fun, she eats chicken from an ice cooler and hikes 8 miles for enjoyment sake.

CONTRIBUTE TO MY FAVORITE WEBSITES… This goal was definitely chosen to feed the career orientated me. Not to mention my confidence has got to shine to get this one done.

DRIVE ACROSS THE USA… Since I plan to drive cross-country with no real plan I’m thinking this one is to strengthen the adventurous, fun and crazy me!

GET A FRENCH BULLDOG… I am totally convinced Frank will bring a more joyful and playful Kate out.

LEARN FRENCH… Langue français est un sexy. Assez dit.

LEARN HOW TO COOK… Cooking to me represents family, love and warmth. So I’m pretty sure I choose this to strengthen the nurturer in me. My future self is a wife and mother who bakes and cooks for the fun of it but in heels!

LEARN TO TANGO… The tango screams sex to me so I think it’s safe to say that the tango was chosen to strengthen the sexy, confident and commanding woman in me.

PUBLISH MY WRITING… Creative Kate. Creative Kate. Creative Kate. Try and say that 10 times. It’s hard.

TASSAJARA… After a week with Buddhist monks I’m hoping to see a more calm, grateful, kind, loving, forgiving and thankful Kate. I see glimpses of her all the time. But, then she vanishes when the coffee machine breaks or she get’s a flat tire.

VOLUNTEER… I plan to start working with the homeless.  I choose this for obvious reasons…giving back and sharing love.


“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

 John Maxwell