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inspiration, gratitude & surprises

1 Aug


We are off on another weekend getaway with the Garahan’s! This time we are going camping. I’ve definitely warmed up to the whole idea of paying to sleep in the dirt since the first time I camped with Brian in Big Sur a few years ago. This will be my third time camping (last year we did Mammoth with Mike & Loni). This weekend we choose a campground a little closer to home and are heading to Ojai. Considering camping was on Brian’s “summer to do list” I know he’s very excited about the next few days. Surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to it too. Nothing better for the soul then a little nature, right?

what inspired me this week?

I saw the movie “Boyhood” and simply loved it! Such a beautiful and poetic film. I think Richard Linklater is a genius

 “Things don’t happen to you- they happen for you”

this quote…”Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” – unknown

This weeks project 30 post

what am I grateful for this week?

the arrival of baby Liam

Erin Haslag for letting me know about the brilliant website Skillshare. What an amazing resource. I’ve already watched a bunch of online classes on photography. love

what surprised me this week?

when I received a bill from my the surgeon who performed my gallbladder surgery for 63,000….yes 63,000!! After I had a full blown panic attack, I called his office, only to learn that they had made a mistake and forgot to include my insurance. I actually owe 0…yes 0. Seriously, they could have killed me!


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25 Jun

this picture speaks volumes about our response to camping

So, you know how couples sometimes go on one last trip before they have their baby? It’s referred to as a “babymoon.” Well, Brian and I just did just that last weekend before Frank comes home in four days. Granted if I had my choice, I would have chosen a relaxing and luxuries few days in Palm Springs instead of camping, but I believe in compromise. Considering Brian has been dying to get out into the wilderness and sleep in the dirt, not shower, cook on an outdoor grill and hike through mosquito ridden mountains all winter, I thought it was best if I just went the flow. I also figured I can survive anything for three days. So off to Mammoth we went with our friends Mike & Loni who happen to be some of our favorite people to travel with because they are game for anything. The last trip we took with them was to Pioneer Town and it was a hysterical few days in the desert.

Things I learned this weekend-

-California really is a gorgeous place

-eating hotdogs off a campfire grill is somehow much tastier

-bug repellent really does work considering I’m the only one who didn’t put it on and now I’m covered in bites. I kinda look like I have the chicken pox

-Seeing Brian so happy really does make me happy

-camping with wine is the only way to do it

-I look pretty horrid when I don’t shower for three days

-the Alabama Hills are AMAZING

Here are some pics from our trip-


on the 395


Brain in his element




welcome home!


Mike & Loni


I’m a lucky gal, eh?


camping is totally doable with wine


emerald lake


the view from our lunch stop


lake mono


lake Mono


June lake


the breathtaking Alabama Hills


feeling very small in a good way


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