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22 Feb


Since you all survived yesterday’s terribly long post, I thought you deserved something a little lighter today! Remember when I said I wanted to cook a Julia Child recipe after watching “Julie & Julia” Sunday night? Well, I kinda did. We had to improvise a bit because it was impossible to find a recipe that we actually both wanted to eat!! Everything either had heavy cream, cheese and butter (Brian despises them all…I know, isn’t that strange? I mean who doesn’t like cheese?), involved bread (it’s my body, not my soul despises gluten…sad but true) or was something along the lines of a Duck-leg mousse (and we both had our limits on how far we would take this Julia Child night). I was not going to give up though, I was dead set on having a French themed dinner night! So we searched the internet for other French recipes and finally found one that didn’t include heavy cream, cheese, gluten or butter (we are so LA with all our food restrictions huh??)- fish Provencal!

 With the dish finally settled on we headed to the most magical place on earth…whole foods. Six hundred dollars later….kidding…we were back home with French music playing, a martini (for him), a glass of wine (for me), lots of candles and fish to cook. Some of my favorite evenings spent with Brian are in the kitchen. As much as I enjoy cooking by myself I much prefer making dinner with my partner. It’s the perfect activity to do as a couple- you chat, cook, drink wine, laugh, and then you eat!

The meal was a success! The dish was soooooo good in fact that we ate all of it! Happy to report it was also terribly easy to make and looked pretty impressive on a plate. In case you can’t see from the ridiculous picture above…I’m looking at that fish with love.

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My favorite song from the night….


I fennel bulb

1 shallot

4 garlic cloves

4 tomatoes


1 1/2 cup white wine

1/2 lemon juice

salt & pepper

1 pound of white flaky fish


chop garlic/ slice shallots and fennel/boil tomatoes then blanche and peel/heat olive oil (medium heat)/add fennel & shallots & saute for a few minutes until they are soft/ add garlic for 2 min/add wine, turn up heat to medium-high and boil for 3 minutes/add tomatoes & boil for 3 minutes/submerge fillets @ bottom/add salt & pepper to taste/cover, reduce heat to low for 10 minutes until fish easily flakes/add lemon juice, top with parsley and serve



11 Jan


Recently I have been day dreaming about being in Paris for my 30th birthday ( the goal is to speak French by then of course). Last night my girlfriend sent me this Paris apartment rental website and I almost died. Aren’t these apartments gorgeous??? I think they would inspire anyone to learn French and get their ass to Paris!


20 Dec

Good Morning everyone! I don’t know how I woke up in a cheerful mood considering I barely slept but I did. I hate nights like that. It could be because I am house sitting for a friend and was in a different bed. Must be that. I tossed and turned all night. After my hour of sleep, I woke up this morning and thought “this is going to be a really long day and holy shit I cannot believe I am 200 days away from 30!!” How is it possible that one hundred and sixty-five days have already passed? Unreal.  On a whole other note I have another Tango lesson tonight! Vladi and I meet again! I’m excited to put my tango shoes back on. I have really got to step up my game though because  come January 8th I have exactly 6 months to nail the tango. I also have 6 months to drive across the country, get Frank, finish learning French and contribute to my favorite websites. A tad daunting for a girl who barely slept. But, I am totally up for the challenge.


 ”Don’t listen to anyone. Trust what gives you pleasure. Trust the emotions. If you love something but can’t explain why, that’s enough.
Calice Becker 


5 Dec


Damn you French. Damn you!

The first thing I did when I started 365 til 30 (other than have a panic attack because I was scared that I took on more than I could handle) was sign up for French classes. I stupidly assumed that my French goal would be one of the easiest to tackle. Boy was I wrong because easy it was not. It brought me right back to high school French class and I was quickly reminded that while some things change a lot in 10 years…others don’t. I happen to still hate being in a classroom situation and learning the French language still proves hard for me. To make matters worse I had my type A mother (love you mom) as a fellow French student. Clearly, I like a challenge.

I was chatting with an old friend Shaun, an actor who’s working and living in Paris for three months. He was telling me how fabulous it is to live in Paris…he also mentioned that he is well on his way to being fluent in French.  My stomach dropped. Oh the jealousy! Not only is he living in my favorite city in the world but he’s also on his way to being fluent in French! Truly unfair! After we hung up I decided that I am packing up and moving to Paris. I’m kidding. Although doesn’t that sound romantic? Moving to Paris just because. I wish! I am now convinced that if I could spend time in Paris that I too would speak French once and for all. Until I figure out how to manifest living in Paris the month of June I will have to purchase Rosetta Stone tapes…or maybe find a brilliant and very patient French tutor?

** PS. My plan to force Brian to watch christmas movies last night to celebrate Bert’s arrival failed miserably and we ended up watching “Inglorious Bastards”. Not really the cozy movie I was imaging.**