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Hong Kong in 48 hours- Day 2

5 Dec

After sleeping twelve hours (twelve hours!), we woke up rested (although, honestly, I could have slept longer) and ready for another day of exploring Hong Kong. My broken toe was not feeling the excitement though. Instead it was dark blue and throbbed like hell.  I’m not quite sure what I expected from the little guy though- I was making him walk around a new city for hours on end when he should have been lounging. In hopes of rectifying the situation and getting him on my good side again, I decided to spend the first part of the morning relaxing. I soaked my foot in an ice bucket and watched TV for a few hours. The highlight was watching Cesar Millan teach a French Bulldog how to be polite to other dogs in Cantonese. The joys of traveling in a foreign country!

Once we made it out of the hotel, we headed to Victoria Peak, one of the highest peaks in Hong Kong central. The view from the top of the peak was incredible. You could see all of Hong Kong, the harbor and surrounding islands. It was nice to get out of the bustling, crowded streets and instead feel above it all- above all the noise. It gave me a whole new perspective of the city and it was breathtaking…


This was a joke...

This was a joke…


After our morning at Victoria Peak, we met David at the docks to take a ferry to Lamma Island for lunch. Lamma Island is, in contrast to Hong Kong and Kowloon, incredibly peaceful. They don’t allow buildings higher than three stories and they don’t allow automobiles. It was a welcome change from the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong central. Lamma Island is also known for its fresh seafood so that’s what we decided to get for lunch. We found a little spot on the beach and ordered three beers and three dishes again. I ordered the garlic prawns and David and Brian both ordered the chili crab. The food was delicious- probably my favorite meal during our stay in Hong Kong.


lamma 120121125_A9A1285


my ridiculous new pose for Hong Kong

my ridiculous new pose for Hong Kong

I even got David to do it!

I even got David to do it!

lamma 2

(all photos by BHG)

After lunch we strolled Lamma Island until dusk. At that moment it hit me- I was halfway across the world experiencing a new country with the man I love- my future husband. All my worries felt a million miles away. I felt alive. I felt inspired. I felt present. I felt happy. I felt excited to see what was up next. I was overcome with gratitude…

That was until I had to pee…and had to use a squat toilet for the first time!! OY.

Nepal up next!