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Day 12, Part 1 : “We’re going to Graceland!”

11 May


Oh Graceland, you had me at “Jungle Room”.

As I mentioned before, I am not a huge Elvis fan. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the guy but you won’t find me sitting around listening to “Ya Ain’t Nothin” But A Hound Dog” on a Friday night.

Let’s just say that visiting Graceland was something I never thought I would get around to in this lifetime.

But then when Rachel and I were planning the road trip we made the big decision- we were going to Graceland! We decided you can’t go to Memphis on an American road trip and not make a stop at the King’s house! It would be an American sin.

Once the decision was made I actually started to get strangely excited about going! It all seemed so silly to me and saying the sentence  “I am going to Graceland!” seemed as strange as saying “I am going to the moon!”

Neither one made much sense.

But then, there I was on day 12 of my road trip standing in line (with audio tour headphones on no less) waiting to board a bus to Graceland. What had the world come to?

I am pretty sure pigs can fly now too.

Touring Graceland was a funny experience- it certainly brings out an interesting crowd (I’ll just leave it at that)! We were funneled through the rooms (getting a few minutes in each), I couldn’t hear a thing on my audio tour headphones (I kept asking if they were broken) and when I did hear something it was usually telling me about a room I wasn’t in.

Most of the time I just walked around aimlessly taking it all in- it’s such a crazy place! Each room more visually stimulating then the next.

The whole experience left me in awe of the king- he was such a creative, sexy, talented and passionate man!

Some of my favorite things about Graceland….

(This carpet)

(The peacock stained glass in the living room)

(Um…everything about the jungle room including the panda)

(this Elvis portrait)

(well hello there strange little white monkey)

(The meditation garden where Elvis is buried)

(His groovy suits)

(this picture)

Alright, alright…I’m kinda an Elvis fan now….


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