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5 Oct

Every morning I receive a note from The Universe and it always puts a smile on my face. Before you start to think I have lost my mind I will explain what a “Note From The Universe” is. There is a site called TUT that I love. The sites goal is to help members make their dreams a reality through positive thoughts and inspirational content. One facet of the site is called “Notes From The Universe” and if you sign up for it you receive a note every morning personalized to you from the Universe! I highly enjoy them and thought you might as well!

A recent Note that I loved…

Think back on your life, Kate, just for a moment, to when something wildly wonderful and totally unexpected happened. Something that rocked your world and changed your life. That curled your hair and colored your cheeks. That lit your fire and buttered your bread.

See what happens when you leave the cursed hows to me?

As you were,

The Universe


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