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wedding wednesdays

29 May


After eight months of insane focus on wedding planning, I hit a wall. For the last month I have done nothing towards the wedding. My therapist recently told me that she thinks I am an “all or nothing” kinda gal. I couldn’t really argue with her. Either I’m on a crazy five-day juice cleanse or I’m eating frozen yogurt for dinner every night. Either I’m going to yoga every day or I don’t go for a month. Either I’m writing for hours on end or avoiding my computer like the plague. I think I may need to work on finding a bit more of a balance, huh?

So true to form, I obsessed about all things wedding for eight months straight and then I didn’t want to think or talk about it for a few weeks. Thankfully, I don’t think taking the month off put us too far behind because of all the work I got done during my eight month obsessive period.

Things we have-

+a venue– Obviously this was one of the first things I checked off the list. Still very happy with our choice of the Smog Shoppe!

+a wedding planner–  I met my wedding planner, Lina, for coffee once and knew she was the one. She has a very calm way about her and that is very important to me on the big day. Anything to keep me calm.

+a wedding dress- After trying on a bunch of different styles from a million different shops (and having one panic attack in a store packed with dresses. Really, I think anyone would have felt claustrophobic), I settled on a dress that makes me feel like the very best version of myself. I seriously can’t wait to marry Brian in it.

+flowers– I had a very clear image early on of what I wanted the flowers to look like- dahlias, peonies & ranunculus! I wanted them to be bright, playful and whimsical. After meeting with Heather from Twig & Twine I knew she could make my vision come to life. Flowers are so important!

+music- At first we thought we wanted a twelve piece band but then we learned how much they cost and we changed our minds to a DJ. Ha. Music was/is Brian’s job to handle. One because he really needed a wedding job, two he cares more about music than I do and three because he has better taste in music than I do. I even sent him to meet with the potential DJ alone. He said he felt like he was going on a blind date. Ha. Poor boy. But he came home with a smile on his face and we had ourselves a DJ!

+a caterer – I had a very clear image of what I wanted the dinner to feel like too- amazing food served family style on long wooden tables. I want it to feel very warm and intimate. So I looked for a caterer who could create that.

+photographer– This was also a job perfectly suited for Brian considering he is a talented photographer himself! I knew he would find the right person to shoot our big day and he did. The photographer he chose has such a fun and playful style.

+make-up artist– I love my make-up artist. She has such a fun energy and she made me look like this for our engagement shoot- so I hired her.

+a cake – we are having two cakes! Because one is never enough, right?? A decadent chocolate cake and an Almond Orangutan cake with orange scented buttercream and Kumquat preserves- YUM.

Things we still need to tackle-

+groomsmen attire – this has been such a fun topic to discuss! not

+ liquor – again I would be happy if we only served buttery chardonnay but I realize that would be unfair to my guests. So Brian is on this job as well. Full bar here we come!

+ wedding rings – Just give me more diamonds and I’m happy but Brian has never worn jewelry before so he has no idea what he wants. Although he knows he doesn’t want gold. He feels very strongly about gold.

+ vows – Does anybody have any brilliant ideas for the vows? We’ve decided to write our own which both excites me and terrifies me.

+ honeymoon – I’m thinking Bali! Bali! Bali!

+ photo booth –  Every wedding needs a photo booth, right?

+ and allllll the million other little details from seating cards to parting gifts.

T minus 5 months!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s so soon.


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