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Day 9, Part 1: New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde, Hotel Provincial

2 May


Day 9, Part 1

New Orleans 

I have been dreaming about visiting New Orleans for a lonnnnnng time now. So when I started to plan the road trip I made sure New Orleans was on the list and that we stayed for 2 nights instead of our usual one night in other cities.

I wanted to make sure that I got adequate time to explore the city!

 I was a little concerned that maybe the city wouldn’t live up to my high expectations.

But the minute we drove in to the French Quarter, I fell in love- the cobblestone streets, the people walking and laughing, the colorful buildings, the worn doors, the musicians playing in the streets, the glow of the lights in the night, the smell of the air…the city felt alive and I was hooked.

I could barely sleep that first night because I was so excited to be there.

Our first stop in the morning was Cafe Du Monde to try the famous Beignets that I heard so much about before my trip! Everyone told me they were a must. I don’t really care for donuts so I didn’t expect much from this experience but I was game to give them a shot. When we walked up to the cafe there was a line around the block. A LINE AROUND THE BLOCK FOR DONUTS?! I wondered how bad I really wanted to try these famous beignets. I decided that I would tough it out because I couldn’t imagine coming all the way to New Orleans and not trying beignets.

An hour later we were seated and had a plate of beignets in front of us. For the record- I was not disappointed. Those little fried, powdered and doughy bits of heaven could change the world.  Best damn donut I have ever tried. I could have eaten 20.

This just in- I am officially eating my way across America.

I just can’t help myself!

 After eating my weight in beignets we set off to explore the city by foot. We wandered the streets taking pictures of colorful buildings, perused voodoo stores and sat by the Mississippi River listening to street music- its intoxicating.

 After an afternoon of fun I decided to go back to our hotel (conveniently located in the heart of the French Quarter) to do a bit of work before a night out on the town. It was such a pretty day that I decided to bring my computer out onto our patio and order a spicy bloody mary (Hey I am on vacation and all). It was a perfect place to spend some quiet time by myself, reflect on the day, my life and my joy and gratitude for this experience. I still can’t believe I am on a journey across the USA and sometimes I have to pinch myself that my dream came true.

Our evening out on the town coming next…

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Day 8: Shipwrecked in Austin

1 May


Day 8

The day we were shipwrecked in Austin, forced to go with the flow and stayed at a haunted hotel.

When I woke up in Austin, I rolled over to my new bed-mate (Rachel) and saw a very troubled look on her face. I knew in that moment our day was headed in a bad direction. She looked at me with fear in her yes and said, “Something is very wrong with my computer”. Considering all our photos from the first 7 days of the road trip lived on her hard drive, this was very very very bad news. I didn’t want to show my concern though, because I knew if both of us had a melt down we would get nowhere. So instead, I put on a happy face and assured her that everything was going to be just fine.

We made an appointment at the Austin Mac store to get it looked over. At this point the screen had gone blue and was unresponsive. Not good. She googled it and learned it was called the “blue screen of death”. Even after hearing this, I was managing a ridiculously positive attitude, even though our itinerary had us leaving Austin at noon to get to New Orleans by 7pm that day. We had to keep moving!

We arrived at the Austin Mac store, which was located in a horrible mall. I dropped Rachel off to look for parking and told her I would meet her inside.  After circling for a bit, I found a spot and went inside to locate Rachel. When I walked into the mac store I spotted Rachel from across the room- her head was on the counter and she was crying. No bueno. No bueno. No bueno. I knew where this afternoon was going and it was bad. I walked up (still smiling) to the kind man helping her (who seemed very confused about the woman crying on his counter) and asked him what was wrong with the computer. He explained that her hard drive had crashed and everything had been lost.

My mouth fell open. I glanced from his frightened face (I get it- women crying can be frightening) to Rachel sobbing on the counter and wondered what I should do next. Rachel excused herself to call her insurance company and I sat there making small talk about blue screens with everyone around me.

And then it happened! Her computer came alive and the Mac guy ran over to me and yelled..find her! I felt like I was in a scene from ER and it all felt so life and death! I took my job very seriously and went dashing through the store in search of Rachel.

When I found her I screamed, “It woke up!!!”

The Mac guy plugged in a million wires and started the process of pulling all her content off her computer and on to a new hard drive.

The estimated time for this…6 hours.

6 hours?!?

I started to feel very claustrophobic. We would be stuck in this store, in this mall, for 6 hours? But we are supposed to leave for New Orleans at noon! We have 8pm dinner reservations at Brennan’s!

But what else could we do but wait.

I would have to make the best of this situation. I would have to go with the flow. I would have to make peace with the fact I would not be making it to New Orleans by 7pm.

I decided to make the best of the next 6 hours and try to get some writing done. But I found it impossible to focus in the busy Mac store so I told Rachel that I was going to find another spot in the mall with WiFi and a plug for my computer. This spot ended up being located in the Nordstrom’s women’s lounge, located right off the bathroom and filled with kids and mothers (mostly nursing mothers) taking a break from shopping.

Hey, at least there was a comfy couch.

After a glorious afternoon spent at the Austin mall, Rachel and I finally set off for New Orleans…6 hours late but with all her footage and a new hard drive.

The 7 hour drive to NOLA was long and dark. We spent most of the time listening to loud rap music to keep ourselves awake and reading about Hotel Provincial, the next hotel we would be staying in New Orleans. Supposedly it is haunted- actually it’s considered the MOST haunted hotel in America. Scary right??

When we finally made it to our hotel at 1:30 in the morning, I was so ready for bed at that point, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the damn ghost stories! I wondered if I would be able to actually fall asleep. The bellman led us to our room and when he opened the door everything became immediately better because the room was gorgeous! Wood paneled walls, 2 big beds, velvet curtains, a huge bathroom and a fancy sitting area.

I was in love with the room and decided that I could make peace with a few ghosts if it meant staying in this room.

My first day in New Orleans next…

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27 Mar


This road trip is shaping up to be the most insane adventure of my life! It’s becoming way more fabulous then I could have ever imagined it to be. I’m not going to lie, our itinerary is insanely ambitious and we may die from exhaustion trying to stay on schedule but that’s part of the adventure…right? Rachel and I will have to survive the driving and appointment booked days armed with laughter, cameras, our beloved computers, lots of red bull and the support of all our readers!!

New things added to the itinerary

{Living Desert Museum}

{Living Desert Museum}


(Cup Cafe- Tucson}

I have a feeling that my Huevos Rancheros breakfast from the Cup Cafe is going to be pretty amazing!

{The Compound Restaurant}

I just LOVE this.

{The Compound Restaurant}

Is that not the prettiest dining room you have ever seen?? I hear the food is even prettier…

{Puye Cliff Dwellings- New Mexico}

Puye Cliffs was home to 1,500 Pueblo Indians who lived, farmed and hunted game there from the 900s to 1580 A.D.- I cannot wait to see it in person!

{El Cosmico- Marfa, Texas}

Sleeping in a teepee!! Yes Please!!

{Torchy’s Tacos- Austin, Texas}

I have been dreaming of eating a taco from Torchy’s Taco’s again ever since I tried one three years ago…so delish!

{Hotel Provincial- New Orleans}

This hotel is supposed to be haunted! I can’t tell if this excites me or terrifies me.

{Haunted Ghost Tour- New Orleans}

To really ensure we see a ghost while in New Orleans we have signed up for a ghost tour as well…

{Poogan’s Porch- Charleston}

The menu at this restaurant makes my mouth water- Rachel and I have decided that we MUST order the fried alligator salad because how often do you see that on a menu?

{Graceland- Memphis}

Elvis! Need I say more?!

{Smith-Byrd House, Alabama}

Is this not the sweetest Bed & Breakfast you have ever seen??

{Carriage Tour @ Middleton Place– Charleston}

The above picture is going to be re-created with Rachel and I inserted in to it.

Have any of you guys been to any of these places?? Do you have any tips? Thoughts?


28 Feb

 I want to be on the open road so bad! I was researching hotels last night and found myself grinning with excitement- the haunted Hotel Provincial in New Orleans…the gorgeous Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin…the Abiguiu Inn in New Mexico…each one excites me for a different reason. Everything about the trip excites me actually. I still can’t believe I am finally going to drive across the country!

Have any of you guys made this trip? Any tips??

I also spend waaaaaaaaay tooooooooo much time pinning road trip inspiration photos on my pinterest account! Here are some of my recent favorites…