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29 Sep


My mom is kicking my ass at learning French! She’s obsessed. OBSESSED. She has taken to only texting me in French…often taking it a step further by  putting the pronunciation of words in parenthesis next to them. When I read her texts I think…how is she already writing sentences in French and…my mother is kicking my ass at learning French.

I would have gone my whole life never knowing my Mom was a type A student if it wasn’t for this experience. In class she sits in the front row with a huge grin on her face, often turning around (because I am not in the front row) and mouthing “Isn’t this fun?!”  to me multiple times. Throughout the week she also likes to ask me daily if I have finished my French homework (she always has in case you were wondering). I love and ADORE my mother but she’s kicking my ass at learning French.

Merde (Shit)


Text from my mother before my trip to Sedona

“Mais bon voyage a Brian (pronounced Bree-YON) and tu!! Je t’adore.”