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26 Jan


My friend Erin of Well in LA was nice enough to teach me a recipe for 365 til 30. I love everything about her company especially the motto, “Life is short. Live WELL”…now doesn’t that say it all? Well In LA is a full service shop for wellness coaching, eating, cleanses and consultation. I find her approach toward a healthy lifestyle very inspiring and her easy attitude about it all, refreshing. You can’t even fault her for being so cute and healthy and fit and…and.. and…because she is so nice!

Days before our cooking date Erin sent me a list of ingredients and after reading it I knew I was in for a healthy afternoon considering I didn’t know what half of them were. I also noticed that it was a Martha Stewart recipe. We all know how I feel about Martha Stewart after cooking a stew from her book last month. I think she’s a liar. Plain and simple. I think she makes things seem easier than they are and lies about the timing of things. Although I will say this, I now know what a parsnip looks like after tackling the stew- this time I walked straight over to them at the market with confidence. Progress! I hit a wall with a rutabaga though. Do you know what they look like? I didn’t. I roamed the aisles again until I found a helpful produce man to point the way for me.

Erin taught me a whole days menu! : a juice for breakfast  (carrot, beet, apple and fresh mint), salad for lunch (raw kale with cranberries, sauteed onions and toasted walnuts) and vegetables for dinner (brussels sprouts, sweet potato, parsnips, carrots, rutabaga). I’m sure many of you just read that and thought –there is no way in hell that these meals were tasty and I am here to tell you that they were seriously yummy. The kale salad was my favorite and it wasn’t because I had to massage the Kale either (Although that was a highlight from the afternoon) When I got the direction to “massage the kale”…it took all my might not to laugh. Did you know you are supposed to massage kale with olive oil before eating it to make it taste better? News to me!

As I left Erin gave me a book called Revive by Frank Lipman that she thought I would like. I have been reading it the last two nights and love it. I am up for more vegetarian cooking after reading it!


Ingredients:1 small beet, chopped-5 carrots, chopped -1 apple, cored and chopped-1/4 fresh mint springs



Click HERE for salad (#4 (subbed cranberries for pom seeds) and roasted veggie recipe (#6)

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1 Nov


My friend Rachel and I recently spent an afternoon cooking together. On the menu… Healthy Falafels! I loved the idea of making a middle eastern meal considering I’m a huge fan of hummus and will take any excuse to incorporate it into a meal. We spent the morning shopping for our ingredients at the local farmer’s market  and I have to admit that I was completely surprised by the fact that 1. We bought almost all the ingredients there and 2. It only cost us 10 dollars! I can’t get over how much we bought for 10 bucks. Seems completely crazy to me but then again I was the girl who bought every meal from The Whole Foods prepared section before starting 365 til 30…so maybe this is normal? Anyways, not only is this recipe cheap but it’s easy to make, healthy and delicious. Oh and I totally recommend eating it outside on a lovely fall day with red wine and one of your favorite people.

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(All photos by One Part Gypsy)

Falafel ingredients:
2 cans chickpeas
large handful fresh parsley
1/2 red onion
2 eggs
1 T tumeric
1 T cumin
salt & pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in large bowl

Make falafel mix into patties and place in pan on medium heat (with a little oil)

Salad ingredients:
mixed greens
small handful fresh mint
1.5 cups cherry tomatoes
1 cucumber

Dressing ingredients:

2 T hummus
1 T tahini
drizzle EVOO
fresh squeezed lemon