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wait…your 33 or my 33???

16 Jun



Many moons ago, before Brian and I were even engaged….actually, it might have even been before we were even living together, but both knew that we were most likely going to end up together, we talked babies. We talked about them in a very broad way. Both checking in with each other that the other wanted children one day. Both did, check! Then we talked about when the ideal time would be to start a family and we settled on 33. I don’t really know why we chose 33 but it seemed like the right age. At the time 33 was many years away.

Cut to our honeymoon (Brian currently aged 32 and I will be 32 next month) as we floated around the pool, tropical beach in front of us, drinks on the lounges behind us when somehow in walked the conversation of starting a family and we both looked at each other with wide eyes and said “WAIT???? Your 33 or my 33????”  I think 33 snuck up on us both rather quickly! We agreed that it would not be Brian’s 33 considering that is only 8 months away and feels much too soon for us both. So it’s looking like it is going to be my 33.

I honestly can’t believe I am at a point in my life where this is a real conversation. Time flies! I will say though…babies are starting to look pretty damn appealing. Clearly, my baby radar has been turned on. I also get a flutter in my heart when I think about meeting a little human that Brian and I made together. Not to mention Frank is going to make a fabulous big brother. With all that said…I am not ready to add one to our lives at this exact moment. I’m just saying….I am warming up to the idea. I’d also love to get one more big faraway trip in before adding a little one to the mix. I don’t imagine babies love traveling for 24 hours or trekking the Himalayas, you know?

But, is there ever the perfect time to start a family? I mean are you ever really ready?? I don’t imagine you are. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!


How much can we pack into 5 days?

5 Aug

Whew! The last five days have been quite a whirlwind. My cousin Brooke and her two seriously adorable little ones, Kennedy and Jameson, came to stay with me while Brian was out-of-town (he was off hiking the backwoods of Yosemite like the mountain man he is).

Brooke is like a sister to me and getting to spend quality time with her and the kids is a treat- we played, we swam, we bbq’d, we did facials, we watched movies, we danced (Jameson can really shake it) and we spent a day at Disneyland- the most magical place on earth for everyone…but me!  I kinda feel like a horrible human for admitting that- I mean who doesnt’ like Disneyland?!? Only a soulless person, right? That place just tires me out, man. I find waiting in insanely long lines in extreme heat…painful. I find the sound of Disney princesses’ voices irritating. I find having to pay 30 bucks for a churro, hurtful. I find crowds anxiety inducing. I mean…where’s the Xanax? The whole place makes me feel like I am being slowly tortured. BUT, I love those two kids more than life so off to Disneyland I went.  I even wore a crown at lunch. A CROWN. I’d like to think my complaining was kept to a minimum, but, then again, I’m sure Brooke would have a different take.

I will admit that it was nice to see Disneyland through the kids eyes. They were both totally wowed by everything (I mean Ariel from The Little Mermaid spoke to us for christ’s sake!) and it’s nice to be present in the joy of it all. I also have to admit that every time I spend extended periods of time with small children in general I always end up thinking…huh…maybe I can wait a few more years till I do this whole baby thing. I mean babies are no joke. They are soooo hard to please. Like what the? They also like to wake up super early! And they are ready to party the first second they wake up. It’s a bit alarming. The small ones also really like to touch everything in the house. You gotta keep your eye on those ones.

But I survived (with only one broken glass) and was heavyhearted to see them go. I mean how often does one get to come home to a million post-it notes decorating the front door to welcome you home? Especially when one of the notes depicts you dancing under a disco ball.

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