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happiness is…

31 Jul


Guest post by Frank McGlodney

happiness is…

shitting in my mom and dads closet…especially when I can get behind the long dresses and coats

playing with, running with and eating leaves

piling all my toys in my bed (my trainer called it “hoarding” but I call it making sure my things know how special they are)

hiding my bones in corners, shoes and behind pillows

running in circles around the house at full speed for no apparent reason

LEAVES! Wait, did I already mention that?

licking my mom and dads face (and sometimes I throw a bite in there to see if they are paying attention)

peeing on doormats, bathmats and rugs (wee wee pads are so passe´)

saying hi to every dog and every human on every walk

the mailman (I just really like him…what can I say)

my best friends skunkie, piggie, whale and weasel…and guys if you’re reading this, that was in no particular order, ok?

cuddles (but only if I’m in the mood because if I’m not then step off)