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life according to my iPhone lately

1 Dec

Life according to my iPhone lately…well, the last two months.




early morning family selfie


snug as a bug


baby Glodney’s first photo…don’t worry we couldn’t spot the baby either


new morning routine


Franks thoughts about walking the neighborhood in his halloween costume


early morning hike


baby Glodney’s second photo…my how you’ve grown!


decaf coffee is just not the same

12 1:2

celebrating two years of marriage


bed head


exploring a hollywood parklet



visiting my step father Irv in Kansas City


fall colors in Kansas City


more fall colors!


exploring the Nelson-Atkins museum


you must eat bbq when in Kansas City, right?



arriving in Atlanta to visit my friend Chantal

24 1:2

her sweet little guy helping me with my bag


love that sweet boy


love his mama too


our best attempt at a group photo


giving the baby thing a test run


oh, hi!


street art in Atlanta


appetizer spread at a little dinner party we hosted





these two


Oh, hi baby Glodney! Looking cozy


morning coffee with Rachel and Ben


more baby test runs


your baby is a…




with the new man in my life…




10 Aug


(meeting our friends beautiful baby boy Ben)


When Brian got home from work on Friday night we decided to take Frankie on a walk to get dinner. Walking to get dinner in our hood (Marina arts district) is a new thing for us. When we first moved into our place over two years ago the area felt very industrial. We both missed our old walking neighborhood in Santa Monica. Seriously, when you live in Los Angles you just want to park your car on the weekend and be done with traffic for a few days. Luckily, over the last few years our neighborhood has changed dramatically- restaurants, coffee shops & stores are popping up everywhere! We are so happy to be on foot again. We walked to get Omusubi for dinner at Sunny Blue. Omusubi are Japanese rice balls with various fillings inside and wrapped in seaweed. Supposedly people in Japan eat omusubi everyday like we eat sandwiches here in the United States. They are delicious, healthy and SO incredibly filling. I usually get the same order- a spicy salmon (cured salmon with chili seasoning), a tuna mayo (albacore tuna with mayo sauce) & a kara tuna (albacore tuna with dices cucumber and onions and spicy mayo sauce). Clearly, I have a seafood theme but they have many other options! Brian usually sticks with a meat filled theme.

When we got home we from dinner we watched the new Netflix documentary Tig. Have you seen it? I loved it! I’ve found myself thinking about it all weekend and recommending it to everyone I came into contact with. The film follows comedian Tig Notaro and focuses on the stand up routine she performed one day after finding out she had breast cancer. I’m sure it sounds like a dark film but it’s just the opposite. She is able to find humor and joy in the darkest of times and I found it incredibly inspiring. Here’s the trailer…


After a lazy morning in bed with a stack of magazines and a few too many cups of coffee we headed to Mendocino Farms to pick up sandwiches to bring over to our dear friends Rachel and PJ’s house for lunch. They welcomed a gorgeous baby boy named Ben into the world last week. He is absolute perfection and so teeny! Every time I see a newborn I am in awe of how tiny they are. It takes my breath away. He is an especially gorgeous newborn with perfect little features and soft blonde hair. It was such a nice afternoon hanging with the new family. It’s always such a beautiful thing to see people you love become parents. The circle of life never disappoints.

On Saturday night Brian and I walked down the street (yet again!) to get Indian food for dinner. We’ve passed this Indian restaurant a million times and have never stepped foot in it despite both loving Indian food. It was oh so good. We ordered much too much food and spent our walk home talking about how full we both were.

When we got home we flipped through on demand in search of a movie to watch. We ended up settling on “Cake” with Jennifer Aniston. I had been intrigued to see her performance considering she got such rave reviews for it. While I loved her performance I wasn’t in love with the movie in general.


On Sunday morning I met a few girlfriends for a sweaty and upbeat yoga class at Maha yoga in Brentwood. I used to frequent this studio often but I haven’t gone recently and I forgot how much I loved it there! The class we took was accompanied by loud rap music- I know, sounds weird right? But sometimes you just need a rap filled Sunday morning yoga class, you know? It was followed by a long quiet meditation and the combination was exactly what I needed. I’m really trying to get back into daily meditation. I feel such a difference in my attitude when I make it a priority. After class we brunched at Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart. I ordered a mushroom frittata that was honestly the most delectable egg dish I have ever had. I also saw Laura Dern at the restaurant so it was a total win.

On Sunday night we met my Dad and Pamela for Mexican at La Cabana in Venice. As I write this blog post I am realizing just just how much heavy eating we did the last few days.  I can safely say that I am still full on Monday morning. Dinner with my family was the perfect way end to a perfect weekend. We always spend our time together laughing and it fills my heart.

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! Happy Monday!

I’ll leave you with this photo of Frank from the weekend…


currently : two

5 Mar


currently : two


the americans (it’s SO good this season. I have a total crush on Keri Russell), girls (yet another show that is so good this season), togetherness (probably my new favorite show on tv), house of cards, better call saul (I’m still on the fence about this one…I really want to like it), walking dead, grey’s anatomy (I just can’t quit you), how to get away with murder (loved the season finale) & scandal. Patiently awaiting for bate’s motel to return on monday night. I can see after writing this list I am watching far too much television. I just can’t help myself…there are some seriously good shows on television right now.

listening to…

Serial podcast– I know…I know… I am so late to the game on this one but I finally decided to give it a shot and got totally sucked in. I listened to all the episodes in a few short days and I am now obsessed with the case. Is he innocent?? Is he not?? Ugh. I can’t stop thinking about it.


“Taking The Leap” by Pema Chodron (or re-reading it I should say. I love that Pema Chodron)


coming home to “just because” flowers from Brian, my new morning & evening routine (more on that next week), my therapist, haagen dazs low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt (it’s becoming a bit of a problem…I must stop stocking it in the freezer), afternoon dates with my best girlfriend Taline and her delectable baby boy Liam, clementine daily, sleeping soundly, the smell of jasmine on my morning walks (everything is in bloom!), watermelon colored nails and toes, pinteresting, these photographs, coconut scented candles, this quote…”A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.”

grateful for…

my health, my husband, my pup, my friends & my family. In no particular of course.




not the relaxing weekend I had hoped for…

24 Mar


Brian was in Arizona this weekend for PJ’s bachelor party (Rachel’s soon to be husband…two more months!!). I had plans to do absolutely nothing all weekend but catch up on trashy television, read, take long baths and host book club at my house. All went according to plan on Friday. I had a fun lunch with Brian’s mama Zina, then I spent the afternoon reading on the balcony before making a big salad for dinner and turning in early. Saturday morning I slept in, then ran around buying stuff for book club (more on that in a later post). After a seriously fun afternoon hanging with the ladies I was beat and turned in early again. The evening took a turn for the worse when I was awoken by the most excruciating pain at two am. It was the worst I’ve ever experienced…it radiated through my back, stomach and chest. It was so intense that I literally couldn’t breath or see straight. I writhed around my bed trying to find a position that gave me some relief. There was no relief. Why was this happening when Brian was out-of-town?? Did I throw my back-out? Is this my appendix? Ectopic Pregnancy? Cyst on my ovaries? What is happening to me?

I stupidly kept thinking maybe it would pass and I could avoid a dramatic evening the hospital if I just waited it out. I also didn’t want to worry anybody in the middle of the night so I kept rolling around in bed and praying for it to end. But after an hour the pain had only intensified and I was now shaking and sobbing from it, so I grabbed my phone. First I called Brian (although I’m not sure what I expected him to do from Arizona? I think calling him first is just habit now), then Rachel & Taline (my two best-girlfriends. They also didn’t pick up…understandably though because who keeps their phone on in the middle of the night?) I thought about driving myself to the ER but quickly realized that was NOT an option considering I couldn’t see straight. Maybe I should call the ambulance, I thought? But I couldn’t bare the idea of being wheeled out of my building on a gurney. So embarrassing.

So I made the call.

Five minutes later my mom was standing at my door. How was it humanly possible to get from Santa Monica to Marina Del Rey in five minutes?? “How the hell did you get here so fast?”, I asked through pathetic tears. She proudly said she ran through every red light. Don’t mess with a parent. I was still on the fence about going to the hospital.  Have I mentioned I hate hospitals? HATE. So I tried to stop crying and stand up straight in the hopes I could convince my mother that we should wait it out a bit longer. But there was no changing Lynn’s mind…we were going to the hospital. She handed me clothes in the dark and soon we were speeding down the street en route for the hospital and I was dressed in mix-matched pajamas that weren’t even buttoned correctly, a super fancy leather jacket and worn slippers.

Ten minutes later I was lying on a gurney at UCLA hospital with an IV in my arm. Two minutes after that I was in a cloudy haze telling my mom over and over again…”I think, I’m high” while giggling. The next few hours were a bit of a fog. There was an ultrasound (totally not an enjoyable experience with the pain), more drugs, a funny and drunk (or crazy) man next door to me trying to convince the doctor that “people” stole his medicine and a sweet nurse who made me laugh. By 9am they diagnosed me with gallbladder stones. Am I eighty now? The good news is, I feel much better today- just achy, sore & tired. The bad news is that once you get gallbladder stones you are prone to getting them again. UGH. Hence why people usually opt to get their gallbladder removed. I’m going to meet with a specialist later this week to talk about options.

Has anybody ever experienced these before??


dinner club

10 Feb

Many moons ago we started a dinner club with two of our favorite couples- Rachel & Pj and Mike & Loni. The plan was simple- once a month we would try a new restaurant picked by one of the couples. Our very first outing was to a Ethiopian restaurant called Messob on Fairfax. Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? It’s delicious and you get to eat with your hands…win win, if you ask me. Over the last two years dinner club has become one of my favorite traditions. Not only because we have eaten at some great restaurants around LA but because of how much these people add to my life. I recently found a picture from our first dinner club at Messob and it brought a smile to my face.

dinner clubSo much has changed since this picture was taken. Brian and I got married, Rachel and PJ got engaged & Mike and Loni welcomed baby Margot a few months ago! It’s been an incredible ride and through it all we have supported each other. We’ve become a little family of sorts and I am so thankful.

On Saturday night Brian and I hosted dinner club at our house because we wanted baby Margot to join. We ordered six different pizzas from Pitfire…Rachel and Pj brought a caesar salad with amazing homemade croutons, Mike & Loni brought a delicious homemade chocolate cake & Margot brought the cuteness. We passed around baby Margot (seriously, she made my ovaries hurt)…ate copious amounts of pizza (paleo, what?)…drank loads of wine (embarrassing amounts)…celebrated Mike’s birthday (with sparkler candles!)…and laughed. The room was filled with JOY.





I’m a sucker for traditions. Do you guys have any fun ones?


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7 Feb


Hellllllllo weekend. I’m SO very happy that you have arrived because you are going to be a good one. Tonight Brian and I are having a date night- we have three different restaurants in mind that we could possibly hit up. It’s between Mexican, Pho and Cuban. Tomorrow during the day I’m taking my little sister Ana on our second date….miniature golfing here we come! Tomorrow night we are having two of our favorite couples over for our monthly dinner club…we usually go out and try new restaurants but this time we are staying in because we have a new addition to the group…baby Margot!!! Hopefully Margot likes pizza and wine. And Sunday Brian and I are going to tackle booking hotels for our honeymoon and probably just be cuddly at home all day.


reading….The Goldfinch for a book club that I started recently. I have been falling behind on my reading and needed a little pick me up. I used to read every night when I got in bed but now I seem to fall asleep on the couch while we watch tv. Pathetic! There was a time not too long ago when I didn’t even own a tv! I got so much more done. I also love hanging with my fabulous girlfriends and will find any excuse to have them all in one room, so I thought…I should start a book club! Our first meeting March 22nd. Are any of you guys in book clubs? Do you have any tips on how to throw a fabulous one? Or any great questions to ask?

working on…writing various personal essays. I’ve written four in the past few weeks. I wrote one about the body image issues I developed after ten years working as a professional fit model, one about an interesting encounter I had with a neighbor, one about our trek through Nepal and lastly one about my seven-year battle with anxiety – which I’m happy to report I’ve been winning recently. Each essay has a life of its own and I’ve enjoyed the process of writing them. Oh and the feeling I get from putting them in a little folder entitled “finished  essays”…pure joy. Now, I plan on writing more and trying to get the others published.

watching...sadly, not much of substance lately. I’m patiently waiting for Walking Dead, House Of Cards & Grey’s Anatomy to return and in the meantime I have found myself watching episodes of The Real Housewives Of BH. I know, I know…truly embarrassing.

loving…nesting and working on home projects (I spent far too long mulling over different shades of grey for our walls. Don’t worry the perfect shade has been chosen. PHEW), planning and daydreaming about our upcoming honeymoon (I can’t wait to be away with Brian for a whole month. We so need it) Apples with almond butter (it’s becoming an everyday occurrence), my new Polaroid camera (FUN! although Frank doesn’t seem to find it too fun. He barks and hides when the picture pops out), the coral mirror that my darling husband painted for me (he’s a keeper), trying on my bridesmaid dress with Rachel for her upcoming wedding ( I LOVE it and her) & dinner dates with my beautiful pregnant girlfriend Taline ( I still can’t get it through my head that my best friend is going to become a mama. It blows my mind)

eating…paleo. I’m not strict about it everyday but I’ve been sticking to it Monday- Friday and I really feel a difference…more energy, flatter stomach, better digestion…blah…blah…blah. I’ve even gotten Brian into it. He says he likes it.


“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl


21 May

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, huh? Well, only a week but for me that’s a long time and I was starting to have withdrawals.

First thing you should know is, I am possibly dying of respiratory infection coupled with laryngitis. That probably came off a bit dramatic but really it has been a bitch of a few days. I felt it come on Saturday while we were in Sedona vacationing with our friends. Yes, I got sick on vacation. I mean, really how rude, huh? I spent Saturday pretending I felt ok and downing vitamin C. By Sunday I had lost most of my voice and felt a heaviness in my chest that I knew was turning into a respiratory infection. By Monday I had no voice and felt horrible. It didn’t help that we were in the dry desert. Look it up…dry air is nooooo good for respiratory infections. There was one point on Monday that I honestly felt as if my throat was going to close up and I almost made Brian take me to the hospital for a breathing treatment. But, that sounded truly exhausting and I figured we would probably miss our flight home if we did that so instead I sucked it up and downed decongestants and boarded the plane. Luckily, I am still here to tell this story.  I woke up today, in the damp air of Marina del Rey, feeling a bit better, but still not 100 percent.
I did have a solid day and a half of fun before falling ill. One in which I used wisely by sitting by the pool with no sunscreen on. In turn I received the most ridiculous looking sunburn. It’s bad. It’s laughably bad, actually.
So, yeah, I’ve really come out strong the last few days.
I still want to share a few pictures of our trip with you guys though. Sedona is such a magical place. I am lucky that I will be back in August with a few of my favorite girls to celebrate my bachelorette!
the breathtaking view from our house

the breathtaking view from our house

the group on a hike

the group on a hike


prickly pear margarita’s… THE BEST


bri guy in a hot tub with his tecate

bri guy in a hot tub with his tecate

my favorite store in Sedona...the crystal store!

my favorite store in Sedona…the crystal store!


what boys do when they are drunk…run through the public golf course (and sprinklers) half naked. Sigh

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project 30 – chantal

16 Apr

Chantal walked into my life when I was twenty. I was dating a man at the time who was friends with Chantal’s then husband. Did you follow that? Anyway in walks this opinionated, fun, fiery, beautiful Dominican woman to a dinner party one night and we immediately hit it off, becoming fast friends. I can safely say that I got into more trouble with Chantal in my 20’s than anyone else. We were both a bit wild in those days. HA. But I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything and like all lasting relationships do, we’ve stayed close through the changes the last ten years have brought. We’ve held each other’s hand through break-ups, divorce, moves, triumphs, failures, marriage, babies (she has THE cutest little boy named Sebastian) and everything in between. I adore this woman and I thank the Universe for bringing her into my world. She’s always made me feel understood and some days that’s all you need, you know?

I love her more than words can say.

Enjoy her insightful answers to the “Project 30” questions. I fell in love with this line “Yet I now find solace and comfort in the result of what is, and not what isn’t.” Amazing


Chantal, 35

What would your 30 something self tell your 20 something self if you could?

It would tell her, not to take life so seriously.  To relax, and perhaps take life with a little more ease. To love herself first, and more. It seemed as though when I was in my 20’s I was more concerned with the exterior of things, or of life itself, how at the time it was supposed to look , or be.  I was more concerned with what people wanted of me, thought of me, what I should do, or be.  I did not have enough faith in my inner self, my inner voice, and what I thought was best for me.  Through time I realized that my exterior, the things of life, career, nor success would define what I was to become.  Nor who I am.

What do you wish you took more seriously in your 20’s?

The concern and advice of my parents, and elders.  In my 20’s I felt like a young adult that was beating to her own drum, perhaps neglecting their advice and maybe learning the rules of life the hard way.

What do you wish you took less seriously in your 20’s?

My studies. I should have dropped my books, and just traveled the world. Maybe taken a few years off to travel the globe, in search of nothing, and everything.

Favorite memory from your 20’s?

When I got the opportunity to go on a sailing trip for 2 weeks through the British Virgin Islands with a group of friends. One memory that sticks out is the afternoon I was sitting alone, on the deck of the sailboat, basking in the afternoon sun, on this beautiful day, with my headphones on, listening to Sade, and staring into the vast, serene, and endless ocean that was in front of me. Not a worry in the world, I was just happy right where I was.

In your early 20’s where did you think you would be (work, live etc ) by 30? 

I thought I would be working for the United Nations, or some other foreign government as a Foreign Service Officer, or working in a field that dealt with the economic development of 3rd world countries. I was a dreamer for sure. I thought I would be living in NY, or off in some foreign country.

And where were you by 30? What did your life look like?

By 30’ I was at peace, and felt balanced.  I was neither working for the UN, nor living overseas. After leaving my 20’s behind, I had finally found me, with a few years of soul searching, some inner and outer work, plus a heavy dose of nurturing, I was able to patch up a few of the wounds, and walk into my 30’s at peace with the world, and what was in front of me.

Were you ever worried that it wouldn’t all fall into place?

I think its human nature to worry that what we want, wish for or yearn for, will not fall into place. So yes, I worried. Yet I now find solace and comfort in the result of what is, and not what isn’t.

What is the greatest gift about being a woman in your 30’s?

Being happy with who I am now. Finding love again, and the right partner for me, to share my life with, to grow old with.  Becoming a mother, and having the privilege and gift to raise our son.

When you look out into the horizon. What do you hope your life looks like at 40?

I hope at 40 my life continues to evolve, grow, and manifest what ever I set my heart out to achieve.

What’s a quote/ saying you try to live your life by?

There is a line in William Ernest Henley’s poem Evictus, which resonates with me, and I try to live my life by, it reads,  “I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul.” I think that’s it in a nutshell.



30 Jan


Alison and I met in the 7th grade and I was instantly wowed, impressed and jealous of her big, bold and brazen personality…even a little scared. She was the kinda kid who would say whatever was on her mind- I found that a bit scary and unpredictable but I also knew I liked it and I wanted to be her friend. Lucky for me she took to me too and we became fast friends. We even began to refer to each other as 233- which stood for bff (best friends forever) on a keypad. Aren’t we brilliant?? We certainly thought so. Eighteen years later and she’s still my 233. As we have grown our friendship has only gotten deeper and more interesting. I am amazed that we have managed to stay as close as we are through all the years, life changes and distance (she lives in NYC now).

We couldn’t have chosen more different paths in life. I went for the  “go with the flow” approach to life. Taking this approach has led me on some crazy detours…like the time I moved to St.Thomas after three months because I had fallen in love. Brilliant move huh? When that love affair fell apart guess where I went? I flew my ass to New York from St. Thomas to climb in to her bed for a few days and cry. Feeling that low, there was no other person I would have rather been with.

Alison on the other hand has always known exactly what she wanted from the very beginning and she has always stayed on course. After graduating college, she decided to build a life in New York City. Starting at an entry-level job and working her way up to where she is now- the youngest VP I know. She’s pretty impressive. She is the most complicated (in the best possible way) woman I know. She’s wildly intelligent, fiercely loyal and insanely funny.  I am impressed with how she has managed to maintain her softness while becoming the powerful woman she is today.

Ali is the person who pushed me to do 365 til 30. She was the person I was sitting with days before my 29th birthday complaining about my life because she’s the kind of person who gives you the freedom to fall apart in front of her without having to feel embarrassed. I think back to that day and I get a little choked up. With out her I wouldn’t have done this project and I am forever thankful for her, our friendship and that day.

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23 Nov


 Teacher: My lively friend Alex, whom I have known since kindergarten! She is also the woman I give credit to for putting Brian and I together so it’s an understatement to say I love her. She is a big personality filled with laughter, joy and love. Maybe it’s because she lived in Italy for the past 7 years! That would make anyone joyful right? She recently moved back to the states with her Italian boyfriend Alessandro and I thought what better person to teach me Italian dishes.

Location: Alex’s kitchen

Dish : Pizza party

Alex has been talking about her pizzas for months now and I have been chomping at the bits to learn her secrets. I happen to be a huge pizza fan but had yet to make a pizza from scratch. I’m here to tell you it’s quite a process and as we all know I am not a fan of working with dough. It’s just so finicky and hard to please! But, the final product was worth the time. Alex is a great teacher. She kept cheering me on and telling me how great I was doing, despite the fact my dough was falling apart and my pizza looked like an egg instead of a circle. She kinda reminds me of an Italian grandmother in the kitchen! She’s so good you would think she’s been making pizzas in Rome for the last 40 years.

It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and I feel beyond grateful to know a 29-year-old Italian grandmother to teach me the art of pizza! Thank you Alex and Alessandro for opening your home to us! I happen to think you guys are the cutest couple in the world…not to mention the most hospitable hosts in the world.

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