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5 Sep


Big news! Frank graduated from puppy school last weekend. He looks rather pleased with himself in the above photo, eh? Sadly, homeboy didn’t have much to be smiling about. I know, so mean of me to say, huh? But I only speak the truth. It’s not like I really care if he can roll over or do tricks anyways but it would be helpful if he could, you know, “stay” on command. I blame his poor showing on his sheer stubbornness and our lack of time in following through with him each week (yes I am aware that only a crazy person would get a puppy while planning a wedding). The highlight of the final exam day was the fact each owner had to go up in front of the whole class and perform the routine with their dogs. If I would have been privy to this information prior to class, Frank and I would have conveniently “been under the weather” that day.

When I was told this information upon arrival I silently cursed Brian for being at a fantasy football draft and leaving me to tackle such a task alone. As I watched a few dogs effortlessly perform the routine of sit, watch, touch, stand, stay and come I began to sweat…the other dogs had it down. It was then I heard Frank’s name called. I glanced down at Frank…our eyes met with concern…it was game time. We tentatively walked up on stage and went through the routine with all eyes on us a bit stunned. IT WAS A SHIT SHOW.  At one point Frank just layed down and stared at me when I said “come”. Asshole.

So pretty much I paid 125.00 to have a dog that will simply sit for me but only if I am offering him a seriously delicious treat- lox being his top fav. At least he’s cute, right?


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