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dinner club

10 Feb

Many moons ago we started a dinner club with two of our favorite couples- Rachel & Pj and Mike & Loni. The plan was simple- once a month we would try a new restaurant picked by one of the couples. Our very first outing was to a Ethiopian restaurant called Messob on Fairfax. Have you ever tried Ethiopian food? It’s delicious and you get to eat with your hands…win win, if you ask me. Over the last two years dinner club has become one of my favorite traditions. Not only because we have eaten at some great restaurants around LA but because of how much these people add to my life. I recently found a picture from our first dinner club at Messob and it brought a smile to my face.

dinner clubSo much has changed since this picture was taken. Brian and I got married, Rachel and PJ got engaged & Mike and Loni welcomed baby Margot a few months ago! It’s been an incredible ride and through it all we have supported each other. We’ve become a little family of sorts and I am so thankful.

On Saturday night Brian and I hosted dinner club at our house because we wanted baby Margot to join. We ordered six different pizzas from Pitfire…Rachel and Pj brought a caesar salad with amazing homemade croutons, Mike & Loni brought a delicious homemade chocolate cake & Margot brought the cuteness. We passed around baby Margot (seriously, she made my ovaries hurt)…ate copious amounts of pizza (paleo, what?)…drank loads of wine (embarrassing amounts)…celebrated Mike’s birthday (with sparkler candles!)…and laughed. The room was filled with JOY.





I’m a sucker for traditions. Do you guys have any fun ones?


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greetings from a naughty blogger

17 Aug

So sorry I have been MIA recently. I’ve been in a shit mood the last week. A whole week?! Yes, a whole week. I showed real dedication to my miserable mood. I could list the million and one things that made this week hard but I feel like it would become a bit of a pity party and I hate pity parties. So instead I am just going to say that I am very happy it’s Friday and that frozen yogurt  exists- I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Our big weekend plans involve hitting the beach with friends in town from Australia and having dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant  with a few other couples for the second installment of our monthly restaurant club. I’ve never eaten Ethiopian food! Have you? To say that I am excited would be a understatment. The word on the street is that you use bread in place of a fork! I think that is just about the best idea I have ever heard. I have a feeling Ethiopian food and I are going to get along very well.

I will be back to regular posting on Monday!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!