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3 Apr

20 things that have been making me happy…

1. this quote- “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.” Ronald Dahl

2. celebrating Papa Irv’s birthday 

3. not getting out of my pajama’s all day on saturday- I even went to whole foods in them (I wish I was kidding).

4. mint colored nails 

5. vietnamese food (I’m in love with you papaya salad)

6. 64 ways to turn an ordinary day in to an extraordinary one (Putting this up in my house)

7. Greenbean (my friend not the food)

8. when out of nowhere Brian said to me “I just  really like being with you”

9. ordering my new road trip inspiration book “Blue Highways”

10. sharing a laugh with the barista at starbucks. (I’m a fan of a good laugh with a stranger)

11. talking through the chaos with Rachel

12. realizing today that we leave for our road trip in one week.

13. hot showers on a cold afternoon

14. a crisp glass of rose

15. working on a guest post for Well In LA (I just love Erin!)

16. the breeze on my face

17. feeling healthy

18. The sound you heard this morning (dooce always cracks me up)

19. lite candles while writing

20. when I was falling asleep the other night I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything…my life..Brian..family…health…friends…creativity. It was truly overwhelming. It centered me and I realized if I attained none of my goals this year I would still be lucky.




9 Mar

20 things that have been making me happy recently

I have been in a lovely mood this week despite the fact I lost all my tax papers (an hour before my meeting with my accountant), I’ve been alone most nights (Brian has been on a crazy deadline at work and has been getting home late because of it…although this does mean I get to watch “Real Housewives” and “Bethanny Ever After” without being shamed) and ate waaaaay too much coffee frozen yogurt one night. Yes, despite all of this it’s still been a good week and here are some of the reasons why….

20 things that have been making me happy this week

1. grey mornings spent working with Rachel on our road trip…with her puppies…on a couch…in yoga clothes

2. cooking dumplings with mom mom

3. It was decided this week that Brian will have a photography show in the next few weeks with another brilliant photographer! I’m so frigging excited for him.

4. taking silly photo’s at our friends wedding

5. oh and the actual wedding! I’m a fan of a good wedding

6. breakfast with Erin of Well In LA @ Lemon moon

7. tango dancing with George (surprisingly i’m kinda looking forward to seeing him again)

8. Bethanny Ever After (am I the only one who likes this show?)

9. coconut water (my obsession with it is getting a bit out of hand)

10. my new book “Blood, Bones & Butter

11. watermelon nails (better than red and better than pink)

12. watching the sun through sleeves of trees

13. facing the tango again…i’m pretty proud of myself

14. my moms humorous ways (her random texts really get a giggle out of me)

15. browsing the travel guidebook section at the bookstore (even though I got yelled at for sitting on the bookstore floor while reading lonely planets “USA travel guide”…seriously when did this become a crime?)

16. holding hands while falling asleep (yes Brian and I actually did this the other night…before you make fun of us…try it)

17. dancing  to music (when alone)

18. blues music

19. having time for 3 “snooze” pushes (the trade-off is I don’t have time to brush my hair)

20. coffee flavored frozen yogurt (it’s a slippery slope my friends)

What’s been making you guys happy recently???