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20 Sep

What a fun but draining few weeks! Since returning from Tassajara I have tried to sit down and write about my experience but I have felt major blockage! Well, first I blame the nasty cold I came home with and now I blame writers block. I sit down and nothing. Totally frustrating. It has been so hard for me to compile my thoughts about the experience! How do you bottle an experience like that?  My time there still feels like a dream. Considering, I went through such a range of emotions in 6 days…I probably needed more time to decompress than I originally thought. Anyways, I am working very hard at compiling my thoughts clearly so I can give you a feeling for Tassajara. Tomorrow I have the whole afternoon free and all I am going to do is write!

Let’s see what else has been on my mind…I’m getting excited for our trip to Sedona this weekend. It should be a relaxing couple of days of doing nothing other than eating, reading, drinking and hiking. Not in that order necessarily but you catch my drift:) Below I included my two favorite pictures from last year’s trip!