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14 Oct


I’d say this past weekend was a successful one. Brian and I have implemented a “no plans” rule for the month of October in preparation for our wedding. We thought it would help us stay present, calm and most importantly rested. I also want to spend as much time with him as possible before the big day. I just want to savour every moment.

The weekends are for us to do whatever we please and that’s exactly what we did.

Brian took Friday afternoon off from work so we could get our marriage license and oh what a fun little activity it was. We were both totally giggly as we filled out the paperwork. It all felt very very very real and very very very romantic. I may have even blushed when I filled out the “new name” line when I wrote Kate Glodney. There it was in print and it made us both smile. I think Brian may have even blushed as well. Once we were done filling out the paperwork we waited in line holding hands while sneaking in a few kisses. There we were in a stuffy courthouse waiting room with silly Halloween decorations hanging all around and us and there was nowhere else I would have rather been. Everything felt right in the world. Twenty minutes and ninety bucks later we had our official marriage license in hand. We decided to make a date out of it and grabbed a late lunch, then a few drinks at a happy hour and then went to an early evening showing of “Don Jon”. Such a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Saturday was judgement day…as in it was my second wedding dress fitting since Olga told me a should lose a few pounds to make my dress fit better. Good news…juice cleanses really do work! The dress fit perfectly. She even had to take it in. Success. I decided to celebrate by making Brian take me out for greasy Mexican food and margaritas. Totally backwards I know but it felt oh so good.

Sunday we stayed with theme and let the day take us where it may. We spent the morning in our pj’s working on wedding seating, then we took Frank to the dog park so he could terrorize as many dogs possible, then we had a leisurely lunch in our neighborhood and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the house finishing up the evening with takeout and an episode of “Homeland”.

Even Frank was relaxed from the weekend…winning.