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7 Sep


I have some troubling news to share…I accidentally harmed a Buddha statue. Can’t be a good sign 2 days before leaving on a Buddhist retreat can it? Let me set the scene- I was shoving a purse into the miniature closet that I now share with Brian (for the record he has more space) and the purse fell. I guess on the way down to the ground it hit Brian’s miniature Buddha, clipping off his pinky and the prongs on his “wand like thing”. What a freak accident! It also made a strangely comical noise in the process. At first all I heard was the strangely comical noise and was unaware of the damage. Unfortunately detective Brian was on the case because he also heard the strangely comical noise. I assured him everything was fine and that my purse just fell but I knew I was covering something up…I just didn’t know what yet. It took Brian all of one minute to figure it out. He found the Buddha’s little pinky (the size of a speck of dust) on the floor. I felt terrible because he looked very sad but I also couldn’t help but laugh. I mean seriously…what are the chances! I’m leaving for my first Buddhist retreat in 2 days and I disfigure a Buddha. Crap.