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bert IV

10 Dec

Christmas…2010…Brian and I had been dating a few months (maybe seven?)…we weren’t living together yet but it was clear that we were headed in that direction. So we decided that “we” would get a Christmas tree that year and that it would live at Brian’s house…it was also decided that that tree would be named Bert.  Bert 1 was tiny, fat and crooked but he was ours and he symbolized us being a family unit…so he was perfect. Cut to…Christmas season 2014…and we are welcoming Bert 4 into our home. It’s crazy how much has changed in the past four years. Below you can see the progression of the Berts. I will say the newest Bert is pretty perfect and is decorated with ornaments that we have collected the past few years and with it so many memories. The last picture kills me….Clearly, Frank was not so sure about having a tree in the house.

bert one

Bert 2...


Bert 3 3

bert 3 2

Bert 3 1

Bert 3

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Bert the third

16 Dec

20121215_Xmas 2012_01

20121215_Xmas 2012_02

20121215_Xmas 2012_03

20121215_Xmas 2012_04

Happy Holidays from Brian, Kate & Bert!

We finally made a trip to the Christmas tree lot this weekend to pick up Bert 3 (we name our tree Bert every year) and now it finally feels like the holidays in our house. Bert 3 is absolutely perfect and he smells divine. As we were decorating the tree I looked over at Brian and was overcome with gratitude. The last three months have been a whirlwind with getting engaged, traveling to Asia and the holidays but they have been filled with so much joy. I feel so damn lucky this holiday season. I can’t think of anything else I want or need.

I’m a very grateful girl.


27 Dec


Even my niece Scout is done with Holiday parties!

 Sweet baby jesus did we do some running around this holiday season. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a relaxing weekend but we did have loads of fun! It seriously feels like we celebrated Christmas a million times but there are some perks to this- lots of great meals, baked goodies, wine and presents. My holiday gifts this year totally cracked me up! They were all so domestic. I guess that’s how you know you are almost 30…when your holiday gifts go domestic. We got bedding, knives, a new French press and more cook books then I know what to do with! Thank God I have the week off to read them all. Brian also got a leopard print snuggie as a gag gift and I am in love with it. Genius idea I tell you.

The holiday breakdown goes like this…

Thursday night we kicked off our holiday weekend with a dinner in Pasadena (an easy 2hour drive in holiday traffic) to celebrate my Dad and Pamela’s 23rd wedding anniversary! It was a perfect evening other than the traffic! It’s fun to celebrate great couples and I happen to think my Dad and Pamela are one of the great ones.  I was also happy to have Brian finally meet Pamela’s family. After Thursday night I can safely say that if you are related to me and live in California you have met Brian.

On Christmas eve we went to Brian’s parents house for dinner and let me tell you this dinner does not disappoint. They have been hosting a Christmas Eve dinner for their friends for 36 years. What a lovely tradition huh? Last year was my first Christmas eve  there and I was happy to be back for round two. Great people, great conversation, great food, great wine and lots of laughs.

On Christmas morning we made the rounds separately (we HAD to divide and conquer or we would have hurt somebody’s feelings) and spent the evening at my mom and Irv’s house. Irv made the most incredible brisket…seriously it’s to die for ( I will have to ask him to teach me this recipe for the blog). After our delectable dinner and a gift opening session we hit the movies to see “Sherlock Holmes”. The movie theatre was crazy of course but it was a perfect way to end the day…in the dark…and not having to speak. Kidding.

Our last celebration was at my cousin Jo Jo’s for boxing day. This is the party where most people need a diagram to figure out the family connections. A blended family to say the least. This was also the party that Aunt Paule asked me to make her Kugel for and I was a touch nervous. It’s a big deal to be passed the Kugel baton in my family! But, I have to admit it was a hit…every last drop of it was eaten. I’d say Christmas was a success!

When Brian and I got home last night and were so exhausted from the weekend. All we did was lie around on the couch and watch Tv (me in my new leopard snuggie of course).

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22 Dec

 { Christmas Frank }

I cannot believe Christmas is upon us! Today is my last day with appointments and then I begin my 4 days of total relaxation. Well, that may not be true but 4 days off from any work nonetheless. I’m sure Christmas is going to be a whirlwind! Not only do I have two sets of families to visit on my side but now I have Brian’s family to visit too. SO many families to celebrate the holidays with! I will most likely be spending Christmas day in my car driving to see them all. I also have to make my first holiday Kugel for a party on Monday. Aunt Paule called me to ask if I felt ready to make this year’s holiday Kugel and I took the challenge. I just hope I don’t screw it up because people really look forward to her Kugel.

I plan on doing wordless posts the next 4 days and simply posting photos from the days to tell the story. Hope you like them and hope you  have a beautiful weekend with your family.

Be back to posting words on Tuesday!!


16 Nov
20 things that have been making me happy
recently: 1st edition 
1. Pumpkin anything…especially candles and frozen yogurt
2. The hint of Christmas in the air…my favorite time of year is around the corner!
3. This show at the Groundlings Theatre. It cracked me up! A must see if you live in LA
4. Making a plan with my dear friend Rick to learn how to cook his amazing Thai fish dish
5. Cuddling on the couch under blankets
6. Cold nights
7. Leather jackets
8. Scarves
9. Boots
10. The love of a wonderful man
11. Daydreaming about travel ideas/goals that I would LOVE to complete this year…
my 30th birthday in Paris ( I have stolen this idea from my best girlfriend Ali who is spending her 30th birthday in Paris. GENIUS IDEA)…
February trip with Brian to Yosemite for his birthday…
March trip across the country….
oh yeah and I would DIE to continue my tango lessons in Argentina for a week or two…am I asking too much???
12. Receiving a post card in the mail from my friend Chantal! I can’t remember the last time I got a postcard!
14. Watching French Bulldogs walk down the street. The way they wiggle when they walk kills me
15. Fall tv programs…I am loving “Up All Night”
16. How do you know when you’re almost 30? When you are thrilled to have a girls night out on the town…with your mom. We stayed out till 11:30 on MONDAY night. Crazy I tell you. Crazy
17. Pinot Noir
18. Rilke poems
19. Morning beach walks
20. The new Marcel video. He’s BACK! My favorite line from the new video –
“guess why I smile a lot? uh. cause it’s worth it.”