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Bert the third

16 Dec

20121215_Xmas 2012_01

20121215_Xmas 2012_02

20121215_Xmas 2012_03

20121215_Xmas 2012_04

Happy Holidays from Brian, Kate & Bert!

We finally made a trip to the Christmas tree lot this weekend to pick up Bert 3 (we name our tree Bert every year) and now it finally feels like the holidays in our house. Bert 3 is absolutely perfect and he smells divine. As we were decorating the tree I looked over at Brian and was overcome with gratitude. The last three months have been a whirlwind with getting engaged, traveling to Asia and the holidays but they have been filled with so much joy. I feel so damn lucky this holiday season. I can’t think of anything else I want or need.

I’m a very grateful girl.



4 Dec

It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas around here! We are off to get our christmas tree and I’m terribly excited! There is nothing cozier than a tree with lights.

After we decorate it I plan to force Brian to spend the evening watching christmas movies.